Vicky Pattison Reveals She Was Having “10 drinks a day” After Winning “I’m A Celeb”

After winning a reality show, you might think that celebrities would be on top of the world. However, for Vicky Pattison, winner of “I’m A Celeb,” quite the opposite was true. 

Pattison said that she spiraled after becoming the winner of the reality series and had to go to therapy to deal with the self-destructive behaviors she had formed to cope. 

Pattison revealed she began drinking at least ten drinks a day in the weeks following her win and would drink anything from wine to spirits. 

Alcoholism is a disease that runs in Pattison’s family, with her father being an alcoholic for years. Pattison said she stopped her self-destructive ways because she did not want to go down the same dark path as her father has. 

While the star said that she could have a couple of drinks and bring more life to the party, she realized she “had no off switch.” 

Pattison is now in a relationship with her personal trainer, Ercan Ramadan, and says

“Ercan is a lovely person, I’ve never been nicer than with him.”

She has managed to turn her life around and says that she never wants to go back to the way she was after winning “I’m A Celeb.”

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