Venus Mars Conjunction 2022: Astrology Meaning & Horoscope

If Hallmark’s favorite holiday leaves you with a pit in your stomach, don’t fret! Valentine’s Day has some intense astrology this year, but if you’re looking for real fireworks, just wait until February 16. Things will beyond heat up when Venus, the planet of love, attraction, and desire, meets with Mars, the planet of motivation, sex, and passion, in the sign of Capricorn.

On February 16 at 10:25 a.m. ET, Venus and Mars will meet at exactly 16 degrees of Capricorn, forming an astrological connection called a conjunction. If you have any cardinal sign placements (that’s Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) between 13 and 20 degrees of those signs, you’ll feel this energy the strongest. (Don’t know your degrees? Check out a free birth chart calculator like Café Astrology’s.) BTW: This all occurs on the same day as the Full Moon in larger-than-life Leo, which gives everything a little extra oomph.

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When two planets meet in a conjunction, their energy blends into one. This particular sexy celestial interaction has the potential to usher in new relationships or add some spice to existing partnerships. Typically, Venus-Mars conjunctions happen only once a year, and the energy is felt for a week or so. But right now, Venus is emerging from its retrograde phase and moving more slowly than usual, so this conjunction will last on and off for nearly two months (!!!). Open your GCal: Venus and Mars will be dancing back and forth, hand-in-hand in the same sign as one another until April 5. We will experience a second *exact* conjunction on March 6 at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

This astrological energy invites us to invest in and explore our romantic side. Reflect on your values within partnership: What really matters to you? What qualities in a partner will make you feel safe, secure, and nurtured? What will you bring to the table within your partnerships? If you’re in a relationship, this energy reminds you to keep the passionate fires burning. How often are you having fun together?

You’ll also be reflecting deeper on long-term commitments, particularly on February 16: Who do you want to be part of your history and legacy? Think about which partnerships—romantic or platonic—will stand the test of time. Once this conjunction occurs in radical Aquarius on March 6, we will break free of patterns that don’t serve our self-worth.

Read your horoscope for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign:


The spotlight is on you as the Venus-Mars connection in Capricorn lights up your 10th house of fame, career, and reputation. This is a wonderful day to go public with a special someone, or just show some PDA. The energy is ripe for reinventing how you want to present yourself to the world. When Venus-Mars begin their dance in Aquarius on March 6, love matters may become more digital. Download those dating apps now.


You’re known for your love of all things sensual, but this Venus-Mars connection in Capricorn is reminding you that love also has a spiritual element to it. This planetary duo activates your 9th house of spirituality, travel, and perspective, inviting you to try a meditation or breath work and see how your sexual experience expands from that hint of mindfulness. Signing up for a class in something you’re interested in could also lead to love prospects. When the planets of love shift into Aquarius on March 6, all eyes are on you. Attention is coming, left and right.


You’re on the celestial fast track to get intimate. This cycle opens up a fresh start in your 8th house of vulnerability, fears, merging, and your shadow side. Sharing your pain and stories with someone you trust can be incredibly healing at this time. When you get real and peel back the layers, karmic connections will be formed. When Venus-Mars travel into Aquarius on March 6, love takes a more spiritual role. How has love—current or past—shaped your perspective on life? You’ve learned great lessons from opening your heart.


Romance isn’t just in the air, it’s on the menu! With Venus and Mars moving through your 7th house of committed partnerships, things are either getting more serious with someone, or you’re finding more time for your partnership. It’s time to prioritize your partner and invest the time and energy to make this union last. Schedule regular date nights or if you’re single, commit to dating people who only have long-term potential. When Venus and Mars cruise into Aquarius on March 6, embrace your courage as you begin a fresh cycle. Putting into the work to unpack why you default to certain self-defeating patterns will serve your love life in the long run.


You could find love in the office, or you may be beginning a new creative venture. Either way, your magnetism is off the charts! This is a fresh cycle in your 6th house of daily routine, health, and work. If you incorporate a new hobby (bachata class, anyone?) into your routine, you may meet a new love interest there. When Venus and Mars jet forward into Aquarius on March 6, your 7th house of marriage and partnership is activated. This is time to infuse joy, fun, and creativity into all relationships, and a wonderful time to get back on the dating apps if you’re single and ready to mingle.


Venus and Mars are not messing around as they activate your 5th house of creativity, fertility, romance, and joy. This is a fresh cycle that’s all about calling in more fun and enjoyment into your love life and life in general! This is a great time to pick up an old hobby that used to bring you joy. Your dating life is heating up too, so if you’re single, keep swiping. And if love isn’t your top priority right now, creation will be. Use this magnetic energy to birth a new passion project. As Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6, you may start to recognize acts of service from loved ones. Show others you care by leaving sweet handwritten notes or surprising them with their favorite candy bar.


Things are heating up at home! Is it time to move in with someone?! As Venus and Mars journey through Capricorn, they activate your 4th house of home, family, and psychological foundations. You may be diving deep emotionally with someone, or even moving in together. Maybe it’s time to introduce someone you’re dating to your family. This can also be a more private time, so prioritize your rest and don’t be afraid to dive into your subconscious. When Venus and Mars move into Aquarius on March 6, simple pleasures light you up. Find time to go on silly dates like GoKarting, escape rooms, or mini golfing—just ask your inner child what would light them up.


You’re known for your secrecy and taking your feelings to the grave! This Venus-Mars pairing invites a reinvention of the way you communicate, especially in love. If you’ve been burying deep feelings for someone, share them! If you’ve become more aware of how your communication patterns are more harmful than helpful, change them! You’re no stranger to transformation, and speaking from the heart will lead to some major breakthroughs. As Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6, love takes on a more serious tone. You may be thinking more about long-term plans and the future. Are you ready to introduce someone to your family? Spoiler alert: The stars say yes!


Finding shared values within partnership is so important. How do your values align with current and past love interests? Is there some reworking you can do to make sure your ideals are being honored? This Venus-Mars conjunction also ushers in a fresh cycle regarding your self-worth. Quit putting your needs on the back burner—you are deserving of all you desire and more! When Venus and Mars cruise into Aquarius on March 6, you’re feeling more confident sharing from your heart. Someone may profess their feelings to you, or you may be ready to take the plunge yourself. A mental shift is around the corner!


You’re getting attention everywhere you go! Venus and Mars are moving through your sign and activating your 1st house of self, identity, and appearance. This is time for a serious glow up—whether you cut your hair or get a new tattoo, you’ll receive all the compliments and more. How do you want to be seen by others? What do you need to change within your partnerships? Put yourself first under this transit. When Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6, you’re re-thinking your self worth. Which relationships in your life are reciprocal and healthy, and which are draining and toxic? Spend your time with people who build you up.


Venus and Mars are activating a very private sector of your chart, your 12th house of self-undoing, closure, and spirituality. If partnered, this is a wonderful time to try some out-of-this-world tantric sex, or commit to a daily meditation practice together. Your relationship will benefit from more shared spirituality. If you’re single, this is an invitation to reflect on any limiting beliefs. Try some cord-cutting meditations and leave self-defeating patterns in the past. You deserve a fresh start forward! Do the work now, because when Venus and Mars enter your sign on March 6, you’ll be charming people left and right. This is a powerful time to attract others. Make the most of this magic!


You may be craving a little extra social activity. Spending time with friends or going out for dinner and drinks may have you crossing paths with a special someone. This is a fresh cycle for friendships, but also could signal a shift from the friend zone into something a little bit more passionate. Staying connected online and through social media could also lead to a new date. If partnered, make date night a priority. When Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6, you’re feeling more contemplative. You’re assessing your patterns within partnership. Whether coupled or not, what behaviors can you shed and leave behind in the past?

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