Unexpected Friends Duane Chapman and Beth Chapman Once Helped Nicolas Cage Get Out of Jail

In 2011, Nicolas Cage found himself as the subject of yet another headline addressing his drunken ways. The actor was arrested for battery and disturbing the peace of his vicinity. Find out what happened.

It is not very often that American actor and filmmaker Nicolas Cage is splashed all over the news unless he is promoting a film or has done something unfavorable.

Unfortunately, the 57-year-old star made headlines for the latter in 2011. He found himself on the wrong side of the law on April 16, 2011, after being arrested, following an outburst against his wife, police, and some neighborhood vehicles.


A day after Cage’s arrest, “Dog The Bounty Hunter” star and former bail bondsman Duane Chapman and his late wife Beth Chapman reportedly bailed the actor out.

Speaking about bailing Cage out, Duane said he had to since he was a true fan of the actor. However, he refused to make more comments on the incident, saying he wanted to keep his client’s matter private out of respect for him.

Furthermore, the bounty hunter made it known that he was only performing his duties by bailing Cage out. Duane told E! News that the gesture was not connected with his reality show but what he did for a living.

The television personality also noted that there were two sides to his job. One side involved releasing his clients following their arrest, while the second side involved picking them up if they failed to show up in court for their trial.

About the latter, Duane relayed that he did not believe it would be the case for Cage. The filmmaker’s bond, which the former bail bondsman posted, amounted to about eleven thousand dollars.


In its report, the New Orleans Police Department said Cage was heavily drunk while arguing with his wife, Alice Kim. The couple was arguing in front of a home on April 16, 2011.

The actor insisted that the house they were arguing in front of, an apartment located on Dumaine Street, in New Orleans’ French Quarter, was their rental property. 

According to the police, Kim disagreed with her husband’s thoughts about the house, and Cage grabbed her upper arm, dragging her towards the apartment. Luckily, his wife did not suffer any visible injuries on her arm.

After his altercation with his wife, it was alleged that the actor started striking cars in the immediate vicinity and even attempted to jump into a taxi. At that point, a police officer observed that the “Ghost Rider” star was heavily intoxicated.

Cage began an altercation with the waiter over the prices and quality of the expensive drinks he was offered.

Next, the officer ordered Cage out of the taxi, prompting the filmmaker to start screaming. The actor was then arrested on a one-count charge of domestic abuse and another one-count charge of disturbing the peace.

In May 2011, Cage’s defense attorney, Harry Rosenberg, said in a statement that no charges of any kind would be pursued against the actor, adding that his client had been cleared and all charges were dropped.

Meanwhile, Cage and Kim have since separated in 2016 and finalized their divorce that year. They share a son, Kal-El. 


Cage’s 2011 incident would not be the first time he is disturbing the peace of his immediate surrounding due to alcohol intoxication. An editor in GQ once narrated a not-so-exciting encounter she had with the “National Treasure” star at a restaurant.

The lady made it known that she went to have dinner in a fantastic restaurant known as “Stella!” While at the eatery, she decided to wait for her friends at the bar section.

AAt the bar, the lady noticed a couple and a man sitting down close by talking. Surprisingly, the man, who was buying the couple expensive beverages, turned out to be Cage.

According to the lady, the actor was very engrossed in his discussion with his new acquaintances (the couple). Cage told the couple he wished to remain friends with them before asking the husband for his card.

Sadly, the man did not have a card to give, and the editor stated that Cage, who appeared to be under the influence, nearly screamed, “Give me your digit!” The husband obliged, and not long after, the couple was seen hurriedly leaving the bar.

Later on, it was revealed that Cage had earlier argued with his then-wife, Kim, and their five-year-old son at the restaurant’s dining room. Angrily, the mother and child stormed out, leaving the actor to continue his display at the bar, where he met the couple.

Next, Cage began an altercation with the waiter over the prices and quality of the expensive drinks he was offered. The editor recalled seeing the filmmaker screaming at the waiter, banging the bar, and pouring Vino down his sleeves.

Cage soon left the bar to begin making a nuisance at the dining area, drunkenly trying to harass some ladies. Finally, Cage was escorted out by some men, and the manager stood at the driveway, trying to ward him off.

While the customers thought they could heave a sigh of relief, following Cage’s exit, the serenity in the restaurant was short-lived. The editor recalled seeing Cage struggling to get past the manager and reenter the restaurant.

She said the actor grabbed the walls and stretched out his arms like “he was desperate to catch an existential football.” While struggling to maneuver his way through, Cage’s hand went through a panel in the door and shattered the glass.

Next, he screamed at the restaurant’s staff, saying, “You Love Me!” The non-disabled men at the restaurant could not keep Cage out, so they called the New Orleans police.

Soon, they arrived at the location, and although the actor was not arrested, he was taken home. The narration is only one of Cage’s many reported public embarrassments. Hopefully, the actor gets the help he needs and wins the battle over alcoholism.

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