Two Women Who Have Been Best Friends for 17 Years Discover They Are Actually Sisters

Two young girls met in middle school and, through their friendship, formed a sister-like bond. However, years later, a DNA test revealed something they never expected—they were biological sisters. 

Ashley Thomas and Latoya Wimberly became best friends by chance. However, the girls who always saw themselves as sisters would discover a startling truth. They were not only sisters in the friendly sense of the word.

Without their knowledge, Thomas and Wimberly were biological sisters. Their 17-year-long friendship took a sharp turn after they took DNA tests. The Philadelphia-area residents could not believe the news. 

In the story, which broke last year, Wimberly revealed that she almost fainted after finding out her best friend was actually her real-life sister all along. The women shared a father. At first, the discovery kept Wimberly up at night.

She was glad to gain a sister, but the truth still made her ask many questions. She expressed

“I’m happy that she’s my sister but had some emotions that this guy I’ve been around this whole time, I never knew he was my father.”


On the other hand, Thomas found out that the man she thought was her biological dad was not. Her mother revealed this to her when she was 15 years old. She had no interest in looking for her birth dad at that stage. 

Since Thomas’ mom passed away over a decade ago, she could never ask any questions about her dad as the years passed. The truth about the girl’s relation started to unravel thanks to a Facebook post.

Thomas shared an image of Wimberly online. One of her mother’s friends commented and noted a connection between Wimberly and Thomas’s parents. This led Wimberly to press her father, Kenneth, for more information.

He recalled Thomas’s mom briefly and stated that they had a short fling. That’s when Wimberly asked her father if he would take a DNA test

Kenneth paid $100 for the DNA test, and he said: “That was the best $100 I ever spent.” He was overjoyed when the results revealed his daughter’s best friend, Thomas, was actually his biological daughter.

He added: “Everyone is happy that she’s a part of the family.” Kenneth and Thomas’s mom had a teenage fling that resulted in a pregnancy. However, Kenneth claims the woman never told him about the baby.


Kenneth shared that he felt bad for Thomas because she missed out on a father for so long. However, they are starting to make up for the lost time. The girls are glad they became friends first and sisters second.

Wimberly expressed: “I wouldn’t change it because I don’t know if we had known we were sisters, that we would have this bond and be as close as we are.” The family is now focused on moving forward and building their relationship. 

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