Twin Sisters Reunite Emotionally 78 Years after Being Separated as Babies

When we talk about our other halves, we are usually referring to a romantic partner. That being said, for a pair of twins, they were each other’s soulmates, only to connect in a tear-jerking reunion decades later.

 Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel were born in Aldershot, UK, on a Thursday on 28 February 1936. Their then 33-year old mother, who was not married, Alice Lamb, couldn’t afford to look after kids,

This is why Lamb intended to put both children up for adoption. However, because of a curvature of Elizabeth’s spine, she was not eligible for adoption, so her mother kept her. 

Elizabeth Hamel and Ann Hunt. │Source: Getty Images

Hunt only learned that she was an adoptee after her adoptive mother passed away, while Hamel always knew. That’s how she was aware of precisely what was going on when she opened a letter that partially read

“I am writing to you as I am searching for a family connection.” 

She immediately contacted her sister via a phone call. Hunt said when speaking to her twin sibling, she was simply elated. 

Ann Hunt. │Source: Getty Images

Professor Nancy Segal, who helped the duo find one another, has specifically researched separated twins for over ten years. She chose to test both Hunt and her sister. The Professor said:

“[There] are twins growing up in totally different families, sometimes even totally different cultures, and yet they bring with them similar types of attitudes.”

The Professor said this went as far as behavioral traits, politics, and even religious affiliations. Although not certain, Segal stated that this most likely has to do with the twin’s genes.

Professor Nancy Segal. │Source: News

Whatever similarities or differences scientists have found based on environment and genes to the sisters, it simply felt as if they had known each other forever. Hunt expressed

“I feel like I’ve known Liz [Elizabeth] all my life now.” 

Elizabeth Hamel and Ann Hunt looking into one another’s eyes.│Source: News

Upon reuniting in person, the two immediately embraced one another, looking into each other’s twinkling eyes and smiling gleefully.

Elizabeth Hamel. │Source: News

The twins finally met in person in 2014 after 78 years apart, setting a Guinness World Record for the longest gap that twins have been apart. After nearly eight decades, finding out about and meeting her twin truly took Hunt back. She expressed:

“It’s a shock and a joy.”

Now hopefully, the two siblings can catch up on all the quality time lost with one another and experience the sisterhood they were always meant to share. 

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