Tom Hanks’ Son Admits His Biracial Daughter Saved His Life Though He Hid Her Birth for 8 Months

Chet Hanks has had a very controversial life. He began struggling with substance abuse at a very young age, but thanks to his biracial daughter, Michaiah, the musician has his life back on track. Find out how Chet’s daughter changed his life.

Chet Hanks, the eldest son of American Actor and Filmmaker Tom Hanks, and his wife of 33 years, Rita Wilson, is following in his parents’ footsteps and making waves in the entertainment industry.

Even though he grew up in a family filled with great movie stars, his dream was to become a rapper. For that reason, the father of one adopted the stage name of Chet Haze in the early 2010s and released a few songs. 


Unfortunately, Chet could never really pay rapt attention to his musical career due to his battle with substance abuse. However, he eventually got help and focused on what was most important to him successfully — family — especially his little daughter.

In December 2016, Chet made the headlines after announcing that he had secretly welcomed a daughter, Michaiah. The award-winning actor’s son welcomed his bundle of joy with his former girlfriend, Tiffany Miles, an African American beauty who was once an aspiring television host.


Upon his shocking announcement, Chet confessed that he only decided to come forth with the revelation because the press was about to come out with the story. He also noted that his daughter was the reason he got sober.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chet explained how his little daughter turned his life around. The musician said if Michaiah was not born, he would not have been motivated to make the drastic decision to change his life and become sober.

According to Chet, if his daughter had not been born, he could have easily been dead or in jail. Even though the father’s undying love for his daughter is evident, he prefers to keep her away from the spotlight.


Chet once made it known that Michaiah’s privacy was sacred to him; he did not want to share pictures or clips of her on social media. The proud dad said Michaiah was not something to be posted, but she was someone he loved and one that changed his life.

Not long after Chet’s view on keeping Michaiah private, the first snapshots of his daughter hit the internet. The images showed the adorable tot’s mother running errands while holding the child in her arms.

At the time, Chet and his baby mama Tiffany were no longer romantically involved. However, the former pointed out that his ex-girlfriend was one of the nicest people he knew and was thankful to her for being the mother of his child.


Fatherhood for someone like Chet is one of the most rewarding jobs, and the singer has the full support and encouragement of his parents. More than anything, Tom and Wilson love being grandparents to Michaiah and two other beautiful grandchildren.

The couple enjoys spending time with their grandkids, as Tom once mentioned that having them around was entertaining.

On the other hand, Wilson’s thought about being a grandparent was not any different. She told Danny Directo of Entertainment Tonight that she considered her and Tom as “the cool grandparents.”


Earlier this year, Chet was criticized for using a racist font on merchandise from his collection, also controversially called “White Boy Summer.”

He was subjected to a series of backlashes after he used a Gothic-style font almost identical to the fonts used by white nationalists on his black and white range of clothes, including t-shirts, caps, and hoodies.

Chet had launched his new collection to promote his “White Boy Summer” song, but netizens were not having it. To show that he was a lover of all races, he released a range of “Black Queen Summer” merchandise.

In addition, Chet also launched merchandise using the same slogan for Black men and those of Latino and Asian descent. His business is thriving, and he is bent on making all the money he can so he can afford his daughter a good life.

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