Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s Kids Were ‘Indoctrinated to Hate’ Her after the Split

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were one of Hollywood’s power couples during their years together. They thrived in their careers, love life, and even parenthood until their marriage hit the rocks, and their kids were allegedly indoctrinated to hate Kidman.

Tom Cruise is a seasoned actor who has been in the game for a long time. He is also a significant member of the Church of Scientology, which he holds with so much pride.

The seasoned actor has had a few famous relationships, one of which was his marriage to Nicole Kidman, an evergreen Hollywood star. During their marriage, they adopted two kids.

A picture of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a couple [left].Cruise and Kidman’s children, Isabella and Connor [right] | Photo: Getty Images

While Cruise has welcomed a daughter after his first two children, his ex-wife has two other girls from a current relationship. Kidman appears to be a delighted family woman, but there have been allegations that her older kids were brainwashed to hate her.


Tom Cruise became a lucky man to his beautiful bride in 1990. During their peak, they melted hearts and were a match made in heaven. Immediately after marrying, they wanted a family, so they adopted two kids, Isabella and Connor.

A decade later, the famous couple divorced, but their kids chose to remain with Cruise. The siblings also preferred to follow their father’s religious doctrines; the Church of Scientology, a doctrine that a few former members claimed ruined the harmony in the family.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at the premiere of “The Others,” 2001 | Photo: Getty Images


There have been several stories concerning the Church of Scientology, and the bulk of it is enveloped in how controversial their doctrines are, especially to the church’s members.

In 2019, Sam Domingo, daughter-in-law to the famous opera singer Placido Domingo, revealed some shocking secrets about the Cruise family. She happened to be a former prestigious member of the institution who had served for about twenty years.

This woman also shared a close relationship with Cruise and his sisters. Her kids were playmates to Isabella and Conor, while she employed a similar babysitter who worked for the actors’ sisters.

Nicole Kidman at the 2017 Glamour Women of the Year Awards at Kings Theatre in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Her revelation came after she noticed that Isabella, a then 26-year-old adult featured in a London Scientology promo, where she poured out a heart of gratitude to the church and her dad for helping her discover herself.

The ex-Scientologist could not help but spill some personal details regarding Cruise and Kidman’s split and how it changed the lives of their beloved kids.

She mentioned that they are now being used as poster kids and before their parent’s divorce, they were typical kids who played with hers.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise at the ‘A Few Good Men’ Westwood Premiere at Mann Village Theatre | Photo: Getty Images

After the celebrity couple divorced, their kids were coerced to live in isolation. They suffered a boot camp experience while being observed by Marty Rathbun, a former significant church member. 

According to Sam, Isabella and her brother were brainwashed to hate Kidman following the split. They were made to believe their mother deserved to be ex-communicated and regarded as a “Suppressive Person.”

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman In Cannes, France, May 17, 1992 | Photo: Getty Images


Following Sam’s revelations, the Church of Scientology has refused the claims, but it brings to mind a question of how the nature of Kidman’s relationship with her kids seemed after the divorce.

Many fans would remember that the detectable actress once admitted that her first two kids never called her “mommy” or “mom.” Instead, they identify her by her name, “Nicole.” However, she explained that she does not hide her displeasure and often tells them off.

Conversely, at the same time around the interview, Cruise’s second wife, Katie Holmes, claimed that her step-kids were sweet and she had a great relationship with them, while they also referred to her as “Mom.”

It would have been nearly unbelievable, but almost a decade later, Leah Remini, another ex-Scientologist, recounted her version of things; the friction she witnessed from the kids to their mother, a story in line with Sam’s claims.

Remini, who authored “Troublemaker” and detailed some things about Cruise’s life, wrote that while she drove the actress’s adopted kids, she asked when they last saw their mother.

Bella Cruise attends Connor’s 17th birthday party benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at Hyde Staples in Los Angeles, California in January 2012 | Photo: Getty Images

Shockingly, Isabella answered in a manner that translated to her that she does not miss the on-screen star. Instead, she outrightly labeled the woman a “Suppressive Person,” “SP” for short.

This is the term members of the church used in identifying non-believers or people with antisocial behaviors. A list of famous names referred to as “SP” are Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise circa the 1990s | Photo: Getty Images


Irrespective of the allegations of how much damage the church brought on the relationship dynamics of Kidman and her eldest kids, she still chooses to love them unconditionally.

The actress mentioned that her kids are adults and they have the right to walk through a path that they believe in. So, for her, there is no amount of wrong that they could commit that’ll hinder her from showing them genuine love.

Isabella Cruise at Maddox Gallery on February 3, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images

Cruise’s former wife does not like to put her business in public, and whether it is a good or bad story, she pledges to handle it privately, being protective of the ones she loves.

More than once, Kidman has confessed her love for her adopted children. While speaking of a 2016 film titled “Lion,” where she shows unconditional love to her adopted kids from India, the actress assured that the film was a love letter to her eldest offspring.


Isabella, the oldest of the duo, is a married woman who resides in London with her husband of six years. She is a fashion designer and has employed her parents’ last names as her business name.

Connor is not yet married, but he lives a simplistic and under-the-radar lifestyle while enjoying his profound hobbies, fishing, and disc jockeying. The young chap lives in Clearwater, Florida, where the Church of Scientology has its headquarters.


Suri is Cruise’s first biological daughter from Katie Holmes, whom he married in 2006. After the couple separated in 2012, their daughter remained with Holmes.

Unlike his two eldest kids, Suri does not have a cordial relationship with her dad. They have rarely been caught together and are said to be estranged. Although things were not always this way, before the divorce, the actor was very present in her life.

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruse pictured visiting the Charles River Basin, 2009. | Photo: Getty Images

Following Holmes’s custody which gave her primary custody of their child, Suri’s relationship with the actor experienced a decline while she became closer to her mom. 

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