Tina Turner Broke with Tradition of Bridesmaids at Her Fairy-Tale Wedding to Erwin Bach Due to Ex Ike

For fifteen years, Tina Turner kept fans talking due to her abusive marriage to her ex-husband, Ike Turner. She eventually left the marriage and remarried, but during the marriage preparations, she left out something big. 

American-born Swiss Singer, Songwriter, and Actress Tina Turner, 82, is remembered for her marriage to her first husband, Ike Turner. The latter ran a band for years with a few backup dancers before their separation.

After leaving her first husband, the Hollywood star found her freedom, established her career, regained her beauty and confidence, and met another man, Erwin Bach, who would change her life forever.

Singer Tina Turner in a photo with her husband Erwin Bach. [Left] | Monochrome photo of Singer Tina Turner with her Ex-husband Ike. [Right] | Photo: Getty Images

When Tina and Ike were a couple, they were one of the fans’ favorite power couples. The pair had dated for almost a decade before walking down the aisle in 1962. 

They were married for over 15 years. However, their union constantly landed the duo in the news for bad reasons. It was no secret that Ike abused her mentally, physically and emotionally, throughout their marriage. 

Tina Turner performing live on stage at Wembley Stadium in London in 1990. | Photo: Getty Images.

Tina’s first husband and band creator was publicly unfaithful, violent in his home, and did not bother about his former wife’s feelings.

When the actress decided to leave the marriage in 1976, she did, without requesting anything other than her freedom, and two years later, the divorce was finalized. Ike eventually died in 2007, at age 76, from a drug overdose.

Tina Turner and Ike Turner, portrait, London, October 1975. | Photo: Getty Images


After a failed marriage, the icon maintained celibacy for a year before meeting her current husband, who is 16 years younger than her. 

The couple met at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany, and based on instructions from Tina’s manager, Roger Davies, Bach picked Tina from the location.

In an HBO documentary titled “Tina,” released earlier this year, the songstress spoke candidly about her first encounter with Bach. Tina revealed that when she met her man, it was love at first sight. Their eyes locked, and at that moment, there was a soul connection.

Tina recalled that at the time, Bach was 30 and had the prettiest face. It was indescribable because he was handsome and she was nervous. She admired him greatly, and the pair did not waste any time. Shortly after their encounter, Tina and Bach started dating.


Three years into their relationship, Bach popped the question. At the time, Tina was turning 50, and her beau was 35. As much as their romance was desirable, the actress could not say “yes” to the proposal. Instead, she told Bach she did not have an answer.

Tina loved the relationship the way it was and did not buy the idea of marriage. She thought that marriage could change things negatively, especially as she had been through it before. So, Bach understood his woman’s decision and was patient.

The duo continued dating, and after 23 more years, Bach proposed for the second time. This time, Tina was ready and had an answer to give. After being together for 26 years, the singer felt like her husband deserved legal standing if anything happened to her.

So Tina accepted his proposal while cruising on a friend’s yacht on the Mediterranean sea. After the proposal, Tina started planning for the big day. 


The songwriter began normal preparations like picking out the wedding dress and venue. However, she left something out. Tina planned her wedding without Bridesmaids. The actress was happy about the decision because it was an opportunity to break tradition. 

Although she had numerous close girlfriends, she wondered if having bridesmaids was necessary. The singer said she did not want to be surrounded by women on her wedding day.

According to her, the thought of having women around took her to the past. It reminded Tina about her abusive ex-husband, Ike, and the numerous ladies (girlfriends and non-girlfriends) he always kept around. 

So, in place of bridesmaids, Tina used her and Bach’s friends’ children. She invited four little girls alongside a boy to join her on the wedding day. Tina arranged for them to meet with Giorgio Armani, and beautiful lilac-pink dresses were made for the little girls.


The couple tied the knot on July 4, 2013. The wedding was a private ceremony that took place in front of closest friends, family, and a few celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Bryan Adams. 

Tina had her maid of honor and close friend, Rhonda Gramm, while Bach had his brother, Jurgen as his best man.

The venue was decorated with beautiful roses of colors like white, yellow, orange, red, and pink from Holland. The air was saturated with a wonderful fragrance, and without complications, the wedding went as planned.


The couple has lived happily since their big day. However, they have faced tough times and have overcome them. One of such fearful experiences occurred in 2017. Tina suffered kidney failure and needed a life-saving transfer.

For the love they share, Bach sacrificed one of his kidneys for his wife, and the surgery was a success. In her memoir, Tina revealed that she was happy to receive such a gift from her husband, adding that she was loving life every day.

The songwriter also noted that she was thankful for surviving and happy about thriving. Above all, Tina was pleased to write the book and share some of the precious gifts she received with the world.

Tina is fully recovered and lives happily with Bach in a beautiful home in Switzerland. Although they have no kids together, the couple still loves and supports each other. 

In her book “Happiness Becomes You: A Guide To Changing Your Life For Good,” Tina said Bach shows her that true love does not require the dimming of her light for him to shine. Hopefully, their union will last for a lifetime.

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