Tim Mcgraw Once Tried to Defend Kenny Chesney Who Rode Deputy’s Horse

Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney have been such good friends for so long that they even got in a scuffle with police and were charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

Although Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw have been two of the most successful country music artists of the last couple of decades, their one-of-a-kind friendship never ceases to impress.

Unfortunately, their friendship got McGraw and one of his management team members arrested after fighting police officers at Ralph Wilson Stadium near Buffalo, New York.

Kenny Chesney on November 2, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee [left]. Tim McGraw on November 14, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California [right] | Photo: Getty Images


Both country music stars have been candid about their unique relationship. They started as neighbors in Nashville in the 1990s, and McGraw’s wife, Faith Hill, has a lot to do in their friendship. 

Chesney once admitted he would go to McGraw and Hill’s home to eat her food because she was a “great cook.” Also, visiting his neighbors seemed much better than staying home watching football while eating Doritos.

Kenny Chesney on February 8, 2013 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images

Speaking of Hill and McGraw, they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in October 2021, and they took to social media to profess their love. 

McGraw’ uploaded a short video on Twitter revealing how he proposed. He said he actually popped the questions a few times, but Hill kept saying no as she didn’t think a relationship with another country musician could work.

One day, they were inside a music festival trailer with a big mirror, talking while he was getting ready to jump on stage. He asked her to marry him again, but she apparently wasn’t impressed and said:

“‘You’re asking me to marry you at a country music festival in a trailer house.’ And [McGraw] said, ‘Well, it’s pretty apropos if you think about it.'”

McGraw had to get on stage and couldn’t wait for Hill’s response. He returned to the trailer after the show was over, but Hill was not there anymore.

However, she left a message for him in the mirror. With her lipstick, she wrote, “Yes! I’m going to be your wife.” The “It’s Your Love” singer confessed they still have that mirror at their home. Nowadays, McGraw and Hill have three daughters and one of the most beautiful marriages in showbiz.

McGraw got involved by jumping the second officer from behind.

Coming back to McGraw and Chesney’s relationship, Hill’s outstanding cooking skills were not the only reason they became such good friends. Back in 2001, following one of McGraw and Chesney’s tour dates, the latter bought a house.

He wanted to build a pool but had to put up a wall into a hill first. Chesney didn’t want to spend the money for the wall, but McGraw ended up paying for it. Chesney confessed it was “awfully nice.”

However, not every story about McGraw and Chesney’s friendship is so uplifting. In June 2000, the duo made headlines after getting involved in a scuffle with police officers that got them arrested

The incident occurred at Ralph Wilson Stadium near Buffalo, New York, where Chesney and McGraw had opening performances for the George Strait Country Music Festival.

After both musicians finished their shows, Chesney asked for permission to ride the horse of one of the Erie County deputies on duty at the event. Chesney supposedly didn’t get the officer’s approval, but he mounted the horse and rode away.

He also ignored the officer’s orders to stop, so the deputy tried to remove him from the horse with another officer’s help. Unfortunately, McGraw got involved by jumping the second officer from behind.

“When he saw me in danger of being harmed, he simply came over to help out his friend.”

Erie County Sheriff Patrick Gallivan explained that McGraw wrapped one of his arms around the officer’s neck and started choking him. A third deputy tried to help, but McGraw’s management representative Mark Russo also got involved.

Gallivan said that since two of the deputies ended up with “very minor injuries,” McGraw, Chesney, and Russo were cited on a few charges, including disorderly conduct. Gallivan explained

“Because [the deputies] had sustained the injuries, the law in New York State says assaulting a police officer is a felony, regardless of the extent of the injuries.”

When the officers had the situation under control, they took the musicians and Russo to a nearby command post. They released Chesney on the scene with an appearance ticket for disorderly conduct on a $100 bail.

In McGraw and Russo’s case, the police took them to a town judge for an arrangement. McGraw was charged with second-degree assault, menacing, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration. He was released on $2,500 bail.

Shortly before the incident happened, McGraw had received the Father of the Year award from the National Fatherhood Initiative. Russo was also charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but his bail was only $500.

In May 2001, McGraw, Chesney, and Russe were acquitted. As soon as the jury in Orchard Park, New York, read the verdict, the country music stars hugged each other in relief. Hill was also present and supposedly wiped away tears. 

When things settled down, Chesney publicly explained what happened and described it as a big misunderstanding that quickly and unexpectedly blew out of proportion

The “There Goes My Life” singer said that the daughter of Erie County Sheriff’s Department Capt. James Coyle actually permitted him to sit on her father’s horse. Capt. Coyle evidently had no idea about it.

It was later reported that the horse Chesney rode didn’t belong to the police department but was privately owned. About McGraw’s involvement, Chesney said

“Tim McGraw and I have been friends for a very long time. When he saw me in danger of being harmed, he simply came over to help out his friend.”

Such an incident could have torn apart some friendships, but not Chesney and McGraw’s. They have remained friends for all these years, and in 2012, they went on the “Brothers of the Sun Tour” together. What an incredible friendship!

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