TikTok star Anna Paul collabs with activewear brand STAX

Customers are “losing their minds” after an Australian social Media star introduced her first ever style assortment.

TikTok royalty Anna Paul has partnered with activewear brand STAX to create a limited-edition capsule assortment – and regardless of the very fact it’s not even gone on sale but, demand is thru the roof.

Anna, 23, blew up on the social Media platform after followers watched her blossom from a “broke” younger girl right into a massively profitable content material creator.

The Queenslander, who has over 5 million TikTok followers and two million on Instagram, has been candid with followers about how she earns her residing – promoting racy content material on OnlyFans.

Nevertheless it’s her endearing character and humble angle that has amassed her loyal following.

And it’s these followers who’re already chomping on the bit to get their fingers on Anna’s “Love Collection” after STAX – owned by Don and Matilda Robertson – started teasing it on social Media forward of its launch on August 26.

“It has been crazy for us. People are obsessed and losing their minds over the collection,” Don advised information.com.au.

Whereas STAX isn’t any stranger to creating hype, commonly promoting out throughout product launches, Don defined Anna’s reputation has put the brand into uncharted territory.

“We’re in a space that we’ve never played before. We actually can’t predict what this collection is going to do,” he mentioned.

“But we’re prepared for a very big launch.

“Subsequently, we decided that the only way we can satisfy every customer is to launch it on presale.”

Anna is simply as excited as her followers in regards to the line, telling information.com.au it was an actual “pinch me” second.

“It doesn’t even feel like real life,” she mentioned.

“You grow up seeing other people on YouTube and other you know, other people bring up merch, or collections or this and that.

“But to be the one doing it, it feels really weird but cool. It’s like a dream.”

In whole, Anna has designed 11 items which are all accessible in three colourways – pink, black and white.

However her favorite piece is a “sexy” long-sleeved costume that’s priced at $89.95.

“I love it because you can wear it in literally any occasion. You can like make it casual wear during the day or you can dress it up,” she mentioned.

“I went to Nobu Malibu, one of the nicest restaurants in the world, wearing it.

“You can honestly wear it for literally any occasion because it’s very polished.

“The pink is playful, the black is sexy and the white is like, in between.

“I hate choosing a favourite, but if I could only have one item in my wardrobe, it’d be that dress because I’d be set for every event.”

One other merchandise that’s uniquely Anna are the $59.95 “Arm Warmers”, with the influencer stating she created them because it was an merchandise she’d regarded for previously however mentioned “it doesn’t exist”.

“I would look in my closet and I’d be like, ‘I need like a little turtleneck, long sleeve, arm warmer situation. But it doesn’t exist.

“So once STAX contacted me, I said, ‘OK, can we make this item because I need it in my closet.’

“So that’s what we’ve done. I’ve been wearing it every single day, it’s the best. I love it so much and I think other people will love it too.”

STAX can be releasing a line of Anna Paul merchandise that features graphic tees, hoodies and a water bottle emblazoned with the influencer’s face.

“We really wanted to create an iconic T-shirt, and I was thinking of like, you know, vintage tees and America with this really creative graphic prints,” Don mentioned.

“Anna absolutely loved the idea, so we put it together.”

Don and Matilda have all the time positioned their brand to be inclusive, stocking sizes XXS to 4XL (6-22) – which is why partnering with Anna was an “absolute dream come true”.

“Anna spreads a really clear message of empowerment and body positivity and inclusion across men and women,” Matilda mentioned.

“She is the embodiment and empowerment of a younger generation.”

The feedback part of the influencer’s promotional posts echo that sentiment, with many writing they had been “proud” to see Anna’s success.

“You’ve come so far QUEEN,” one fan wrote.

“You deserve everything, Anna,” one other mentioned.

One mentioned: “OK I must buy it all.”

Others mentioned they’d be “living” within the clothes, writing: “You’re my idol, Anna.”

In one other video, Anna described the long-sleeved costume as “so beautiful”, including it is rather sculpting.

“This dress, are you kidding me?” she mentioned.

“It makes your body look so good, literally it looked like Photoshop.

“I was so bloated from eating pasta but you can’t tell; it makes me look snatched.”

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