Three Siblings Finally Reunite with Their Youngest Sister after Decades of a Hopeless Search

Four siblings who had been separated as young kids were put up for adoption. While three of them found a new home together, their youngest sister went to another home, becoming a distant memory for them. 

Having loving parents and a conducive family environment to grow up in is every child’s dream. However, children can often miss out on living a happy childhood owing to bitter experiences such as losing a parent or being abandoned. 

Regardless, some kids are fortunate to find affectionate and caring adoptive families, thereby living a happy and normal childhood. The three siblings in this story were all adopted by the same family, but something was still missing in their lives. 

Laurie White, Christine Gottschalk, and Brian Gottschalk had experienced a closed adoption as young children. They were fortunate enough to share the same adopted home and had spent a happy childhood with loving adoptive parents. 

Better yet, the three siblings knew they had been adopted. However, they had no contact with their biological family, including their grandparents or any other close family members. 

Nonetheless, the bond they all shared was powerful. Christine and Brian lived together, while White lived just a few blocks away from them. 

Surprisingly enough, the three of them didn’t look alike and shared hardly any resemblance, and the reason was that they shared the same birth mother but had different biological fathers. Talking on “Megyn Kelly Today,” Brian revealed: 

“People would always disbelieve when I said the same thing that they were my sisters (sic).”

White also explained how people wondered if she and her siblings were related and particularly questioned whether Brian was their brother. She often found herself telling everyone that Brian really was her brother. 


The three siblings also knew they shared a half-sister named Amber. Their medical file contained a childhood picture with Amber, but they had never met her. With time, she became a vague memory until something unexpected happened one day.

Growing up, White had always wondered about herself, including her heritage. After coming across various advertisements of 23andMe, she decided to take the DNA test, but the results shocked her to the core. 

When she further dug into her test reports, she found a match with a direct family member, and the name that popped up was Amber Lenehan. She recalled that her parents had told her about a half-sister named Amber and wondered if it was really her. 

White then contacted Lenehan and couldn’t believe that she was her long-lost sister. However, she had still not met her youngest sister in person, and neither had her other two siblings. Talking about the shocking test results, White 



“I think I just found our half-sister that we’ve known about but never known (sic).”

The three siblings also told Megyn Kelly that their adoptive parents had expressed the desire to adopt Lenehan but couldn’t do so because she wasn’t available for adoption at the time. 

All four siblings had an emotional reunion on “Megyn Kelly TODAY” in 2018, decades after being separated from Lenehan. Expressing her views on the matter, Lenehan shared that she had grown up with her maternal grandparents. 

They then put her up for open adoption so they could stay in touch with her. She had signed up on 23andMe, but only got matched to a few distant relatives. Growing up, she had had questions in her head regarding her heritage. 

When White contacted Lenehan, she was taken aback. She shared that she was in utter disbelief as she had never expected to hear back from her biological siblings. While appearing on the “TODAY” show, she shared that she was expecting a baby. 

Just like White, Christine, and Brian, Lenehan had had a happy childhood. However, she always wondered about the lives of her other siblings and wanted to know them.

Thanks to “Megyn Kelly TODAY,” the four siblings are finally in touch and would hopefully be making numerous memories together. 

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