Three Men Harassed Petite Girl on Bridge, Then Someone Called Her Name So They ‘Fell Silent’

While walking towards her house in the dark, three tall men followed a petite girl. Her heart raced as the men got closer, but surprisingly, another stranger arrived before they could do anything. He knew her name, but she had no idea who he was.

In her Reddit post, the girl confessed she had a solid sixth sense, allowing her to dodge people who make her feel anxious. She also revealed getting out of dangerous situations, including a possible kidnapping, because of it.

However, she got into trouble this time because of not following her sixth sense. Luckily, a stranger who knew her name saved her from three muscular men.

The Redditor with the username Colette3R posted her story under the title “Saved by a Stranger.” She visited a friend who had broken her leg a few days back but didn’t know what was waiting for her on her way back home. She explained

“I was about 40 minutes from home, but I walked this distance many times without any problems so I thought it would be the same this time.”

While walking home, she had to cross a bridge which usually took two minutes. It was dark, and she could see no one was around. At this point, she thought “her senses were playing a trick on her,” but she was wrong. 

After walking on the bridge for a few minutes, the girl heard a man giggle while talking to another man. Scared, she turned her head slightly and noticed three bulky men were following her.

A shiver ran down the girl’s spine when one of the men leaned over and said something in her ear

She was afraid but didn’t want to make it evident because she believed it would encourage the men to harass her. She pretended she was listening to songs on her earphones, but she had turned the volume down to hear their conversation.

OP (Original Poster) could hear the men’s footsteps behind her but couldn’t understand their language. The sound of their footsteps became louder as they came near her. She explained:

“As I said, I’m a petite girl. They were over 180 cm tall. They surrounded me. I had no choice but to go ahead.”

The men kept talking to the girl, but she couldn’t understand anything. All she knew was that she was in danger and needed to get to the end of the bridge quickly. 

A shiver ran down the girl’s spine when one of the men leaned over and said something in her ear. They decided to scare her even more after watching her ignore them. OP explained:

” They howled, growled, whistled, and kissed the air loudly. They did these things very close to my face.”

OP felt frightened after hearing those noises but was relieved to reach the end of the bridge. However, she still wasn’t out of danger.

She was on the verge of crying when she heard someone call her name. Surprised, she turned around and saw a man she had never met before. He screamed:

“What are you doing to my girlfriend?”

OP quickly held the stranger’s hand and pretended to be his girlfriend. The stranger looked at the men until they gave up and went back to the bridge. 

However, she was still surprised at how he knew her name. As they walked away from the bridge, OP asked him how he knew her name.

The stranger said he didn’t know her and had guessed her name since it was the most popular one in the country. Once they reached her house, OP offered him to come in, but he refused.

When OP filed a police complaint against the men, she discovered that two other women had also filed a similar complaint. One woman was followed by three men while the other one saw five men behind her.

When other users read OP’s post, they said she shouldn’t have let her guards down when the stranger approached her. They suspected he might be one of them since the three men immediately backed off when he came to save OP.

After reading the comments, OP updated her post, saying that she checked the descriptions of the men that followed the other two women, and they looked nothing like the stranger.

Most users told OP to take care and be careful. If you enjoyed reading this story, you might like this one about a family who got a call from an unknown person claiming he was hiding in their backyard. 

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