‘The Omen’s’ Lee Remick Fought Cancer Surrounded by Family However Doctors Ended All Treatment

Lee Remick was always known as one of the most assertive and talented Hollywood stars. However, she surprised the world when she ended all cancer treatments and succumbed to the illness two weeks later. Find out why.

Before her demise, Lee Remick was primarily known as an American actress and singer. Her career in the movie industry spanned several years, and her impact was celebrated with different awards and accolades, including Academy Award for the Best Actress and a Tony Award.

Remick’s ability to take on any role ideally is still being discussed. However, the actress did not begin her foray into the entertainment industry with acting. 

American actress Lee Remick, 1969 [left]. Lee Remick circa 1967 [right] | Photo: Getty Images

Born in 1935 in Quincy, Massachusetts, she always wanted to be a dancer. While growing up, Remick studied dancing, but her priorities changed when she turned 16. At that age, the movie star secured her first acting job with a summer-stock company on nearby Cape Cod. 

Shortly after, Remick made her Broadway debut, playing the Broadway comedy “Be Your Age.” The star’s appearance on the stage soon skyrocketed her career, and Remick became a regular.

Lee Remick in New York, New York, circa 1975 | Photo: Getty Images

She starred in other television productions such as “Philco Playhouse,” “Hallmark Hall of Fame,” “Playhouse 90,” and many more. 

Although Remick was doing great as an actress, her education was suffering. She was torn between focusing on school and pursuing acting full-time. However, in due time, the Hollywood star chose the latter.

Portrait of Lee Remick, circa 1969 | Photo: Getty Images

In 1957, Remick took on the character of a seductive cheerleader in “A Face in the Crowd.” After that, she went on to become a regular on the big screen, making appearances in movies like “The Long Hot Summer,” “Experiment in Terror,” “Wild River,” “Anatomy of a Murder,” “Sanctuary,” and many more.

She made her last appearance on screen in 1989, acting as the indifferent mother of Marlee Matlin in the movie “A Bridge To Silence.” 

Portrait of American actress Lee Remick in her Maida Vale, London home in 1974 | Photo: Allan Warren, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons


Remick’s talent was greatly admired by fans and fellow celebrities, including the likes of Bette Davis. In 1962, Remick and Davis were nominees for an Oscar Award for Best actress. The former was given the nomination due to her outstanding performance in “Days of Wine and Roses.”

On the other hand, Davis was nominated due to the perfect portrayal of her role in “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” Despite being nominated in the same category, a report revealed that Davis claimed she was outstood by Remick’s performance in “Days of Wine and Roses.” 

Bette Davis in a promotional photo for the film, “All About Eve,” 1950 | Photo: Getty Images

In addition, Davis alleged that if she lost the Oscar to Remick, it would be okay with her. Sadly, neither of the actresses went home with the award; however, their performances remain two of the best in Hollywood to date to date.


In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Remick’s health fell apart. In 1989, she learned that she had some tumors on her kidneys and lungs after she fell ill while making a movie in France. 

At the time, the “The Omen” star pointed out how people looked healthy, and in the next moment, they were struck with an illness. 

Publicity photo of Lee Remick, circa 1960s| Photo: MGM, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

Referring to herself alongside millions of people experiencing the same thing, the singer said she felt angry.However, she decided to be optimistic about her situation. Remick promised to make it through because she was a “fighter.”

She kept to her words, and after a series of treatments, the actress finally went into remission. However, in a short time, cancer returned more aggressively.

Rather than fighting cancer, the icon decided to die peacefully. Remick stopped all cancer treatments and passed away shortly after. She died on July 2, 1991, at her home in Bentwood. She was 55. 

Lee Remick rehearsing with director George Cukor for the movie “Something’s Got to Give” in 1962 | Photo: UPI, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons


After her death, many fans and colleagues wrote tributes, elaborating on how amazing Remick was. Actress Jack Lemmon said working with Remick remained one of the most joyful experiences, describing the deceased as precious and an embodiment of grace.

Another colleague, James Stewart, revealed that Remick was a marvelous person, a friend, and contributed as an actress.Other movie stars such as Charles Bronson, Angela Lansbury, and Gregory Peck also said lovely things. Although Remick is no more, her legacy will always be celebrated by the world. 

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