Terminally Ill Dad Is Surprised with One Last Early Christmas Celebration by His Neighbors

A terminally ill dad of three was left in dismay after he was informed that he had three months or less to live. The revelation left him, and his family terrified, and that was when the community decided to give him one last surprise.

For years, Matthew Sandbrook, a resident of England, was plagued with headaches. But the hardworking father of three overlooked the pains and continued his demanding job, working the night shift at a factory.

When the man finally decided to visit a doctor, he got the most terrible news. The doctors found a tumor the size of a tennis ball in Sandbrook’s brain. Sadly, the cancer was too deep to be operated on and had begun spreading to the man’s spinal cord.

Terminally ill man in a photo with his family. | Photo: facebook.com/rebecca.rushton.921

Sandbrook left the hospital feeling devastated and defeated. However, the most challenging part was informing his family that he had only a few months or less to live, which he eventually did.

At the time of the diagnosis, Christmas was only a few months away, but Sandbrook was unsure he would be alive by then. So, rather than focus on the number of days he had left, the man decided to dedicate the little time he had left to family.

The dying man also shared his story on social media with the hopes of encouraging folks to put their health first and value every time spent.

The grim prognosis understandably left Sandbrook shaken, and all he needed was hope. Not long after, the man’s hope was delivered to him in the form of hundreds of Sandbrook’s neighbors.

As news of the man’s illness spread, the people in the community decided to do something special for the father. So, neighbors put together a huge surprise — one last Christmas celebration.

In a video that captured the event, neighbors were seen gathered outside on Sandbrook’s lawn. They wore Christmas pajamas and brought along a snow machine to help set the stage.

A DJ played Christmas music, and many people rallied around to spread joy to a family who desperately needed copious amounts of cheer. A neighbor mentioned that seeing the community come together was “so overwhelming.” 

Sandbrook’s cousin Nikki Lee noted that she could not believe the surprise was successful. Although her emotions were everywhere, she was very excited to see everyone together, putting smiles on people’s faces. On the other hand, Sandbrook remained grateful for the surprise.

A user’s comment on video of early Christmas celebration for terminally ill man. | Photo: FaceBook/BBC Hereford & Worcester

He said it was special and incredible, adding that his wife and children will treasure those priceless moments forever. This story is a reminder to everyone to do something special for people who are depressed and in need of hope.

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