Teens Passing by an Accident Save 1-Year-Old Baby after Hearing Her Cries from the Car

Two quick-thinking teenagers sprang into action when they encountered a horrific accident while driving home. The youngsters rescued a toddler from the crashed car’s back seat before her pregnant mother succumbed to her injuries. 

Jeopardizing your life to save someone else’s is not only brave but also selfless. Surprisingly, the two heroes of our story refuse to take any credit for saving a little girl’s life by taking corrective action at the right time. 

At midnight on June 30, 2017, 16-year-old Hunter Hasenjaeger and 17-year-old Collin Barry were headed home from a friend’s house when they noticed a terrible accident near Ridge Road in Minooka, Illinois.

Collin Barry. [Main] Barry rescuing Danley’s baby from the wrecked car. [Inset] | Photo: youtube.com/World latest news | twitter.com/WGNNews

The horrendous car accident left 27-year-old Alexis Danley severely injured in the driving seat of her damaged Chrysler 300. Also in the car’s backseat was her 1-year-old daughter, who was crying uncontrollably. Barry also revealed:

“She was hanging out the front of the car. Her arm was hanging out and her other hand was reached back grabbing the baby seat.”

There was still time for the police to arrive, but Hasenjaeger and Barry knew what needed to be done. Without wasting any time, the two boys jumped into action. 

Hunter Hasenjaeger and Collin Barry. | Photo: YouTube.com/World Latest News

Hasenjaeger turned the torchlight, shining it into the wrecked Chrysler 300. Meanwhile, Barry struggled to reach inside the car’s backseat to free the trapped toddler in distress.

After the accident, Hasenjaeger visited Danley’s family with food and a teddy bear for her daughter.

The entire country road was covered up in thick smoke and debris, and people on the scene were screaming out of terror. Within a few minutes, the two friends succeeded in safely pulling the little girl out. 

Alexis Danley. | Photo: YouTube.com/Inside Edition

Sadly, Danley was in a critical condition, and the teens tried their best to assure her that her daughter was safe. Hasenjaeger told People: 

“My heart was just racing, it was just crazy. I just kept telling the mom that help was on the way and that her baby is okay. I never expected in my life that I would walk up and see the mom how she was.”

While they waited for the police to arrive, the two friends comforted Danley’s daughter and even took a picture to tell her family she was unscathed. Soon, the toddler settled into Barry’s arms and quit crying. 

Soon afterward, the baby girl was taken to the hospital and was later released to her family. Unfortunately, Danley succumbed to her injuries and died on the spot. She was six months pregnant, and her baby also expired. 

Danley’s car was hit by a 23-year-old man, Jacob Kaminski, who had reportedly slammed into a Toyota Camry, whose three occupants were not injured.

Kaminski was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. However, action against him remained pending until the toxicology results arrived. 


After the accident, Hasenjaeger visited Danley’s family with food and a teddy bear for her daughter. He condemned Kaminski’s action and called him selfish for endangering other people’s lives. The teenager also expressed:

“I don’t think I’m a hero in any way. That’s how me and Collin are every day, just trying to help people.”

Thank you, Hasenjaeger and Barry, for rescuing the little girl and restoring our faith in humanity. You two deserve all the praise, love, and credit, even if you think otherwise. If this story touched your heart, please share it with your loved ones. 

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