Teenager Spills 6-Month-Old Brother’s Food in the Bathroom to Get Back at His Stepmother

A woman took it to Reddit after her stepson tried to hurt her through her 6-month old daughter. He wanted to take revenge because she didn’t allow him to invite his friends to their house. 

A woman’s 16-year-old stepson wanted to invite sixteen people to their house, but she refused because she felt it wasn’t safe for her infant daughter.

She consulted her husband, Aaron, before deciding, and he also agreed not to invite their son’s friends. However, the teenager blamed his stepmother for it and tried to hurt her.

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The 37-year-old woman posted her story on Reddit under the username Some-Issues3765. She shared that she was a stay-at-home mother while her husband often traveled to other cities because of his work. 

Her stepson, Thomas, threw a tantrum when she told him that he couldn’t invite his friends over. He insisted she should allow them to come because he had already sent out the invites, but she told him he should have consulted his parents before sending the invites. She explained what happened next:

“He stayed upset and stopped eating for 2 days.”

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OP (Original Poster) couldn’t risk her infant daughter’s life for her stepson’s entertainment, so she decided to stay silent and let Thomas settle down on his own. 

She refused to listen to him and told him to pack his things.

Two days after their argument, OP noticed that her daughter’s formula milk was missing. She looked for it in her room, then searched the bathroom, where she saw some of it sprinkled on the floor. 

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Stunned, she went to Thomas and asked him if he had seen his sister’s formula milk. With an expressionless face, he said he flushed it in the toilet.  He explained that he did it because he wanted to get back at her for prohibiting his friends from coming over.

The woman explained that his father also agreed and that it wasn’t only her decision. “Still he insisted that I influenced his dad to say no that is when I lost my temper,” she revealed

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OP told him to stay away from her daughter’s things, but he argued that he never wanted to hurt his sister. She refused to listen to him and told him to pack his things.

She was fed up with his “irresponsible behavior,” so she told him to go to his mother’s place. Thomas didn’t want to go there, but he told OP he loved spending time there because his mother never stopped him from doing anything. 

When the woman drove Thomas to his mother’s place and told her about what he did,  she replied that OP had no right to punish her son since she wasn’t her birth mother. 

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Annoyed, OP told Thomas to wait until she called her husband to decide how to punish him. Surprisingly, Thomas and his mother begged OP not to tell Thomas anything and even offered to buy her formula milk. 

OP refused the offer and returned home while the woman kept accusing her of turning her husband against Thomas. She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people if she did the right thing. 1800TurdFerguson replied:

“You should sit your husband down the minute he returns and straighten this out with him.”

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He told OP her stepson and his mother were at fault and emphasized that if his mother believed that OP wasn’t allowed to discipline Thomas, he shouldn’t stay at her house in his father’s absence. 

saucynoodlelover agreed to the comment, saying Thomas needs to respect OP as “the authority of the house.” Another user named michaelablair1 commented that Thomas’s tantrum wasn’t appropriate, writing:

“He’s 16 not 6 that isn’t acceptable behavior.”

Aperscapers shared that her stepchildren used to live with their biological mother when her husband used to travel because their mother enjoyed spending more time with them.

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Another user named ranchojasper replied, saying she never minds keeping her stepkids with her when her husband travels during custody days. She added, “This idea that stepparents aren’t actually parents is bizarre to me.”

Most users agreed that OP wasn’t at fault.

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