TEEN MOM How much does Jenelle Eason make on OnlyFans?

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Former Teen Mother 2 star Jenelle Eason has been again within the information just lately after she reportedly turned down MTV’s newest provides to return to the Teen Mother franchise. Jenelle’s rep spoke with Individuals and offered some details about the connection between the fact star and MTV, and he additionally confirmed that Jenelle at the moment “has a new dynamic series in development” with one other community.

The Individuals article received a sequence of responses from a really dependable Jenelle supply debunking and clarifying what the rep informed the journal. That supply additionally spilled the beans on roughly how much Money Jenelle is making on OnlyFans!

The supply for the response is @ustacouId (aka Roux) on Twitter. Roux has an impeccable file over the previous 5 years or so of offering behind-the-scenes details about Jenelle that has all turned out to be true. Roux is true up there with The Ashley by way of having the ability to get correct — and really particular — Jenelle data. As a matter of truth, The Ashley responded to one of Roux’s tweets with three thumbs up emoji and “spot on.”

Roux’s preliminary responses got here within the type of a numbered checklist. She then responded to tweets with further data, together with the tea on Jenelle’s OnlyFans earnings. I’ll break down the responses in numerical order with the corresponding interactions inserted the place they belong. (A number of the wording has been cleaned up a bit.) I will even embody some quotes from the Individuals article that Roux is referencing.

ROUX: So many issues to say about that joke of an article with Individuals.
JENELLE’S REP: “Her marriage is stable. They are, I think in every way, pretty healthy right now as a family…There’s no toxicity. David [Eason] is being a good boy. He’s not doing or saying things he shouldn’t. He’s being a good husband, a good father.”
ROUX: 1. David is a POS and all the time will probably be. Treats her like sh*t and he or she permits it. They continuously struggle over him refusing to get a job. In the event that they wrestle for Money, he tells her to determine it out. He has not modified.

TWEET: So why does she even maintain him round?? At this level she will be able to afford to interchange him lol. Actual garden/pool upkeep, nannies, any person else to cook dinner her up some squirrel slop.
ROUX: He says he’s not going wherever and he’s entitled to half…which he’s.

TWEET: I’d be like, “Here, take it all. I want nothing,” and file for divorce.
ROUX: She’s not that robust and has zero mates so zero help. Once more, she selected all this, so…

JENELLE’S REP: “Even her relationship with her mother is good. They’re not clashing anymore, they’ve learned to accept each other’s personalities. A lot of maturing and growing has been happening in the last few years.”
ROUX: 2. Babs and her are usually not good. In response to Babs she is humiliated by Jenelle’s OnlyFans and says Jace is embarrassed and will get picked on due to it.

JENELLE’S STATEMENT ABOUT NOT RETURNING TO TEEN MOM: “I ALONE decided to decline the terms within the agreement to pursue and further other career choices, based on the terms. It would have not aligned with my current opportunities. No hard feelings. I appreciate MTV and the producers for including me, [and] nothing but great vibes to the girls.”
JENELLE’S REP: “There may or may not be more discussions to this. As of right now, we’re definitely not doing the show. They need to come to us with a much better offer.”
ROUX: 3. MTV did contact her, however Jenelle talked about David and MTV went again to ghosting her. So, no supply in any respect. They wish to maintain her hanging.

JENELLE’S REP: “She has a new dynamic series in development, keeping the concept under wraps for now.”
ROUX: 4. Jenelle created two LLCs. One is for (thank the haters for this) her OnlyFans as a result of she’s bringing within the Money. 2,000 subscribers at $20 every a month — do the maths. The second LLC is for the concept she pitched to a different community, and sure, the opposite community stated OK, so it’s within the works.

ROUX: The LLCs are in her title for taxes in order that Olivia can’t go after her earnings for David’s baby help…once more so David can proceed to freeload. He has not modified, and with Jenelle’s Onlyfans earnings, he doesn’t must.

TWEET: Being married doesn’t rely as communal earnings?
ROUX: Not for baby help.

ROUX: So long as he’s bringing in “some” earnings, they will’t rely the partner’s earnings.

TWEET: I simply can’t consider she has that many subscribers after absolutely the dumpster fireplace that was her first month on OF based mostly on the every day play-by-play on reddit. She might say she has that many, however I can’t consider it’s true.
ROUX: She does…it’s completely true

TWEET: OnlyFans takes 20%, however she will be able to additionally make further in suggestions, DMs, and so forth… However nonetheless a reasonably penny for pics in her crusty underwear. 😂
ROUX: Probably the most requests are foot pics. That’s simple Money child.

TWEET: Goes to point out how much we get pleasure from watching a practice wreck. So unhappy about Jace although. He deserves so much higher.
ROUX: He received dealt a foul deck as a result of Babs ain’t much higher to be trustworthy.

TWEET: Did David give up OF due to the teeny weeny feedback?!
ROUX: He give up as a result of it was a joke to start with. With Jenelle making this Money he doesn’t must do a factor.

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