Tearful Moment a Man Gets Reunited with His Mother 16 Years after Being Kidnapped as a Boy

Izzy El-Ubaydy’s hands were shaking as his voice cracked, plucking up the courage to surprise his mother and see her for the first time in almost two decades. However, how would this mom react to the shock of seeing her long-lost son on her doorstep?

At only 9 years old, popular online fitness trainer Izzy El-Ubaydy, along with his brother, was kidnapped by his dad from where they lived in Germany with their mother. After moving around and changing their identities, they settled in Austin.

Recollecting the arduous journey, El-Ubaydy recalled that they were homeless for around half a year. Once in the capital city of Texas, his family had to start over and build their life up from the ground.

His father would not allow them to ask questions about their former life and mom. Therefore, El-Ubaydy would do his best to search for her in secret

Finally, he was adopted after running away at 17 and had the freedom to try and find her without restriction. However, as years passed by, he began losing hope. 

The trainer eventually came across a YouTube video of his mother, who said she was still searching for him and his sibling. The trainer managed to get in contact with her. 

In a seemingly synchronistic and touching turn of events, the call was made on Mother’s Day in 2012. The social media personality decided he would visit her in Germany, but the influencer chose to make it a surprise to make it more memorable. 

However, it took 7 years for El-Ubaydy to fulfill this dream, having to sort out his fake identity before meeting her in his hometown. Eventually, in 2019, he was able to take a plane to say hi to his mother for the first time in ages.


A friend of his took a video of him traveling to meet her and their eventual reunion.  Standing by the buzzer of her apartment, El-Ubaydy looked nervous, his voice shaking from anxiety. Posting the clip on Facebook, he penned

“After 16 years…I’m finally reunited with my mother. Hope is real. Love is real. They are unlike anything we know on this Earth.”

As soon as he rang the buzzer and they met eye to eye, the two long-lost family members embraced each other, not willing to let go. Cries and laughter could be heard from the ecstatic mother and child. 


People in the comment section fell in love with this beautiful moment, sending crying face and heart emojis; one individual wrote:

“There is nothing like the love of a mother and son. Time stood perfectly still at that moment. ❤️”

The post went viral. Since it was shared online, it has accumulated just over 10,000 views and an uncountable number of comments. 

Speaking about his experience and journey from kidnapping, homelessness to a tearful reunion, El-Ubaydy has expressed:

“There is more to a person and more to the world than we think we know. We all have stories that shape us and shape how we view the world.”

“These stories differ. But they all have the ability to teach us something. That we are not, nor are we at the mercy of our circumstances,” he concluded aptly.

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