Teacher Adopts Boy with Special Needs Whose Mom Died When He Was Two Years Old

When a young boy’s mom passed away, he needed a carer to look after him and give him the love he deserved. A teacher stepped up and took the special needs child in as her own. 

This year, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Tina Vesey and her son, Angel Quezada Cervantez, celebrated their 15th Thanksgiving together. Vesey adopted him when he was three years old, and they have been inseparable ever since. 

Quezada Cervantez was one of Vesey’s students, and the teacher shared that she always felt drawn to him. Vesey discovered that the young child had recently lost his mother, and she was heartbroken that he would grow up without her.

A woman and her son whom she adopted after his biological mom passed away | Photo: Facebook/tina.vesey


Quezada Cervantez’s first and only word at the time was “ma,” and Vesey knew he missed her. She bonded with him and instantly knew she wanted him in her life. The woman adopted him and now calls him her “gift from above.”

Quezada Cervantez is a special needs child and communicates by making loud noises that might appear worrisome to others. However, Vesey shared that it was how he expressed himself, and it made him feel heard. 

The mother said: “Just like a mom with a new kid, you can tell when he’s agitated, he may not say anything, but from the sound that he’s making. Or you can also tell when he’s happy.” Vesey also added that her son taught her how to be happy.

His presence is a constant reminder that she must be grateful for the small things in life. While she doesn’t always know precisely what Quezada Cervantez is saying, she understands him and often figures out how he feels.


Vesey stated: “We call it the Angel language.” It hasn’t always been easy to raise the youngster, but it has always been a pleasure and an honor for the proud mom. She also shared that everyone loves him because of his infectious energy and joy. 

Vesey comes from a big family, and she is thankful that there is always someone around to help her if needs be. Quezada Cervantez, who loves singing, reading, and playing games, has brought a lot of love to the Vesey family. 


Vesey’s cousin, Yvonne Landry, shared why she is glad Quezada Cervantez is in their lives. She said:

“We encouraged her to get him because we needed him. Our family needed him that love and specialness.” 

Her adoptive son also adores being tickled, and it always leaves a big smile on his face. Vesey shared that people should try to reach out to kids with special needs because they often just want affection and attention. 


In 2019 another teacher also took in one of her students. A man in his thirties who functions as a young child was found on the streets, lost and alone. When his junior high school teacher heard about his predicament, she decided to act. 

Michelle Girard believed her former student, Chris Barrington deserved a good life, so she took him in. She also started the process of becoming his legal guardian, and now, Barrington can get the love and care he always longed for. 

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