Rosie O’Donnell’s First Marriage Lasted Only Half a Year after Being in the Relationship for a Decade

American comedienne Rosie O’Donnell and her former spouse Kelli Carpenter fought for their love as a same-sex couple, but their union was short-lived to their dismay. It got dissolved because of State law. Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter had been together for ten years before they tied the knot. They had four children, Chelsea O’Donnell, Parker O’Donnell, Vivienne O’Donnell, … Read more

Woman Hates Her Life until Doctor Says She Only Has One Year to Live — Story of the Day

She lived in a dead marriage, and clung to a job she hated until the doctor gave her the terrifying diagnosis: she had only one year to live. Clara Daniels pressed her palms against her eyes. She could feel another one of those horrific nauseating headaches coming on again. She’d already been to the doctor … Read more

Heroic 5 Year Old Girl Saves Her Father’s Life During Adorable 911 Conversation

A brave little girl dialed 911 and managed to save her father’s life. However, that is not the reason everyone is talking about her. The girl’s sweet conversation is what pulled on many heartstrings and gave some a good laugh.  In 2013, a 5-year-old girl from Indiana contacted 911 to alert them about her father’s need for … Read more

Rich Man Kicks Spoiled Daughter Out, a Year Later Finds Baby on Doorstep with a Note — Story of the Day

A rich man’s spoiled daughter gets into trouble over drugs and bad men, so her father kicks her out, but a year later she leaves a baby on his doorstep. Felicity Lancer was used to getting her way, and her father knew that it was all his fault. Felicity was his only child, and when … Read more

John Travolta Faced $25m Extortion Attempt after Son’s Death Turned New Year Celebration into a Nightmare

After John Travolta’s 16-year-old son died during a family vacation, people threatened to publish papers of him being behind the teen’s death. Among them was the paramedic transporting Travolta and his son to the hospital. What should have been a wonderful New Year’s vacation in the Bahamas turned into John Travolta’s worst nightmare when his … Read more

Deployed Dad Dresses up as Santa and Surprises Daughters at School after a Year Away from Home

After being on tour in the Republic of Korea for one year and being away from his family, a proud father, Josh Risher, surprised his daughters with an unexpected arrival at an event in their school. Here are the full details of the story. In December 2014, five-year-old Kaylee and eight-year-old Christy were left in … Read more

A Year after Son’s Death, Woman Sees Grave of Her Daughter-In-Law at the Cemetery – Story of the Day

When her daughter-in-law, Eve, got pregnant, Madeleine didn’t trust her. She thought the baby didn’t belong to her son, Elliot. Eventually, Elliot fought with Eve and got into an accident driving drunk. Madeleine didn’t speak to Eve again, but a year later, she saw her grave next to her son’s and discovered the unbelievable truth. Madeleine Brady … Read more

A Year after Mother’s Death, Little Girl Sees Woman Who Looks Like Her on Subway — Story of the Day

A  little girl mourning for her mom meets a woman in the subway and decides that she is the perfect mother and the right match for her grief-stricken father. When Kayla was just two years old, her mom became very ill, and she often had to go away, so her grandmother came to live with them. … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s Mom Overspent Her $1.2m a Year Income & Owed $14m after Her Death

Queen Elizabeth’s mother lived an extravagant lifestyle and never bothered about how much her acquisitions cost, even though it was overwhelming compared to her $1.2million annual income. By the time she died, the royal had amassed $14 million in debt. Queen Elizabeth’s mother loved the aristocratic splendor garnished with a thirst for an exquisite lifestyle. … Read more

Kelly Osbourne, Who Went through 85 Pound Weight Loss, Had ‘the Hardest Year’ of Her Life

Kelly Osbourne may have lost 85 pounds, but some naysayers keep fat-shaming her. She recently admitted that 2021 was the most challenging year of her life as she relapsed. You can’t please everybody, and Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, knows it firsthand. Before committing to shedding pounds, people fat-shamed her. Now … Read more

Aaron Carter Split from Fiancée Who Recently Gave Birth to Their Child Following Miscarriage Last Year

Aaron Carter and his fiancée, Melanie Martin, have had an off-and-on relationship over the last two years. However, Carter shared they have broken up after welcoming their son a week ago.  “I Want Candy” singer Aaron Carter, and his model fiancée Melanie Martin have split up after welcoming their son, Prince Lyric, a week ago on … Read more

Eddie Albert’s Terminally Ill Son Cared for Ailing Dad & Died a Year after Him at 55 in 2006

Eddie Albert was showered with all the love and care anyone could hope for during his last days. While he was on his sickbed, his terminally ill son cared for him despite battling a diagnosis that claimed his life a year later. Edward Albert Heimberger, famously known by his stage name Eddie Albert, was one actor … Read more