Elderly Woman Writes Desperate Note to Neighbor, Asks to Be Her Friend

A lonely older woman was so afraid of being alone that she wrote a desperate note to her neighbor seeking friendship. Find out what happened afterward.  In April 2017, Marleen Brooks of Park Hills, Missouri, came home one afternoon and opened her mailbox, only to find an unexpected letter from her neighbor, who lived two … Read more

Woman Whose Heart Stopped 5 Times in 27 Minutes Returns to Life, Quickly Writes Down: ‘It’s Real’

When a woman went into cardiac arrest, her husband and other first responders refused to give up and managed to resuscitate her. She asked for a pen and paper as soon as she woke up.  Tina Hines was a healthy woman from Phoenix, Arizona, who lived a balanced lifestyle when she unexpectedly collapsed in 2018. … Read more

Adoptee Writes a Powerful Letter to Her Birth Mom

After being abandoned on the side of a bridge and being adopted by an American family, a Chinese woman decided to pour out her heart in a letter to her birth mother. Here is what she wrote. When she was only five months old, a Chinese model, Kira Omans, was abandoned on the side of … Read more

Reading a Story Online, Old Lady Recognizes Own Love Story from 40 Years Ago and Writes to Editor — Story of the Day

An old woman comes across an article online about a couple whose love was stifled by the man’s parents and realizes that the story perfectly matches what happened with her old flame.  Carla Graves, a 60-year-old woman, lived alone in her apartment. She had no friends, family, or children because she had never been married. Her … Read more

Mom Writes Powerful Letter to Secret Donor after Life-Saving Heart Transplant

This Christmas was an emotional one for a Michigan lady who penned a heart-melting note of gratitude on the first anniversary of the day a heart donor saved her life.  Not all heroes wear capes, and Michigan mom Nicolette Somers will totally agree. She got first-hand experience when a major organ donor saved her life … Read more

Girl Writes a Letter to Santa Asking for a Wheelchair for Her Neighbor, 58, So He Can Visit Her

A little girl made a special request to Santa for Christmas. Instead of asking him for toys, she asked for a wheelchair for her neighbor, who lost movement in his legs three years ago and couldn’t leave his house to play with her. Children have a special connection with Saint Nick. Following in the tradition every … Read more

8-Year-Old Boy Writes Santa a Letter, Asking Him to End His Sister’s Bullying

In 2013, a mother asked her kids to write a letter to Santa. However, she never expected the request from her eight-year-old son, and his words went viral.  When a Rocky Mount, North Carolina mother read the letters her twins had written to Santa, she was stunned. While many kids ask for toys and treats under the … Read more

Mom of Daughter with Down Syndrome Writes Letter to the Doctor Who Suggested an Abortion

After being advised by a prenatal specialist to abort her unborn child who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Courtney Baker decided to keep the baby. Here’s a look at the emotional letter she sent the doctor more than a year after the baby was born. In 2016, Courtney Williams Baker was preparing to become a mom … Read more

Old Lady Wakes from Coma and Writes Two Words That Make Her Nurse Turn Pale — Story of the Day

An ailing elderly woman wakes from a coma and grabs a nurse’s pen and the first words she writes send the woman into a panic. When Maria Vargas first met her new patient, she was struck by the delicacy of her features. Her age seemed to be a thin veil overlaying great beauty. Sixty-five-year-old Dorothy … Read more

Heartbroken Girl Writes Letter to God after Her Dog Dies and Receives Response a Few Days Later

A lot of individuals live their lives through faith, prayers, and belief in a higher power. Their connection to whatever name they may put to this supreme being gives them strength. This was certainly true in one little girl’s case, whose tears were dried by her belief in God. For many, the loss of a … Read more

Woman Writes Goodbye Letter on Her Foot the Night before It’s Amputated

A Colorado woman has shared her struggle of living as an amputee following her complicated foot surgery in 2018. She continues to inspire people worldwide through her inspirational story on various social media platforms.  Living life with an injury or a limitation can be a daunting task. While you see people around you lead a … Read more