13 Best Fisherman Sandals for Women 2022 — Cute Summer Sandals

Courtesy The weather is heating up, which means it’s time to fling your fave fuzzy socks and shoes into the wind (or closet—that works, too). This spring, summer, and even early fall, we’re freeing our feet by way of fisherman sandals—ya know, the woven shoes your ‘rents used to wear…oh, and actual fishermen, too. I … Read more

20 Best Summer Pants for Women 2022

Melodie JengGetty Images Summer: The season most of us prefer to avoid long pants. Truly, walking around in thick trousers while the sun is beating you down and the humidity is having a field day with your hair is not ideal in the slightest. But before you swear off all pants during the hottest months, … Read more

Fe-MAN-ist Voices: Women Warriors of Ukraine II

There’s an incident that has already become legend, an older woman in the city of Henichesk, along the Sea of Azov in Ukraine, walked up to a group of Russians soldiers and the following exchange occurred:  WOMAN: Who are you? SOLDIER: We have exercises, please go away. WOMAN: What kind of exercises? Are you Russian? SOLDIER: … Read more

How Often Do Women Masturbate?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but regular masturbation is not only very fun—it’s also legit healthy. Like a workout for your pleasure centers, masturbation is good for you in all sorts of ways. According to sex educators Marla Renee Stewart and Goody Howard, making yourself cum—and, in turn, getting your blood pumping … Read more


 One Billion Rising, an initiative of V-Day, has announced the ONE BILLION RISING 2022 theme and campaign: RISE for the Bodies of All Women, Girls & the Earth. The campaign addresses the devastating consequences of the ongoing vicious systems of patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism and racism in the world today and the destructive battle for power fought … Read more

An Anniversary in Bosnia, and How Women Found Justice

On July 11, 1995, the horrors of the only European genocide since World War II reached their nadir with the massacre of an estimated 8,000 men and boys at the Bosnian town of Srebrenica. While UN “protectors” watched passively, Serb forces separated these unarmed husbands, fathers, sons and brothers from their female family members, boarded them … Read more

Book Excerpt – She Is Me: How Women Will Save The World

FOREWORD “I would say that each of us has only one thing to gain from the feminist movement: Our whole humanity, because gender has wrongly told us that some things are masculine, and some things are feminine . . . which is bullshit.” —Gloria Steinem, author and activist When I was five, I wanted to … Read more

Indigenous Women Leaders Podcast: An Interview with Lakota Elder Madonna Thunder Hawk

“First of all, you don’t need anyone’s permission to stand up for something, no matter what it is.” – Madonna Thunder Hawk She may be from the Silent Generation (pre Baby Boomers) but those who know Madonna Thunder Hawk, 81, Lakota from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, also know she’s definitely not the silent type. … Read more

From the Executive Director- She Is Me: How Women Will Save The World

Women’s eNews is thrilled to announce that it’s Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief, Lori Sokol, has published a new book available beginning today, August 11th: She Is Me: How Women Will Save The World A non-fiction book which is part memoir, Dr. Sokol takes you into the homes, offices and classrooms of 30 courageous and powerful … Read more

COVID-19’s Impact on Women of Color: August Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has been claiming countless lives across the United States, regardless of age, race, or social status. Yet people of color have been shown to be disproportionately impacted ever since coronavirus cases and deaths began to surge in mid-March. Now, five months later, not much has changed. COVID-19 DEATHS PER 100,000 PEOPLE OF … Read more


With Gloria Steinem, Letitia James, The Chicks, Indigo Girls, Vanessa Williams & more!

Don’t Miss: Black Women, Wealth & Homeownership

VIRTUAL EVENT! @WealthWednesdays, @AngelaYee and @Stacey Tisdale are bringing you a special edition of #RealEstateReset!.  We are celebrating black women and aiming to make more of them homeowners with special guest host @GloriaSteinem! Who ‘takes us to school’ on the role black women played in all women’s rights!. Experts also discuss: How to navigate your … Read more