4 Stages of Eclampsia

Someone out there had it out for pregnant girls. As if it isn’t hard enough on them already, there is a disorder known as Pre-Eclampsia. Below, we will take a look at what this disorder is characterized by, how it effects you, and how to tell if you have it. Pre-Eclampsia is a pregnancy disorder … Read more

Chained Woman Has Become the Face of Bride Trafficking in China

The Chinese government has launched a year-long campaign to stem trafficking of women and children. The decision was prompted by a public uproar over its longstanding failure to tackle bride trafficking. It all started with a woman the authorities call Little Plum Flower. Shocking images of Little Plum Flower, whose surname is Yang, surfaced in late January after … Read more

What Happened to Elizabeth in ‘The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window’?

Hello, we’re here to talk about The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, Kristen Bell’s satirical and highly addictive (as in I watched all eight episodes in one sitting) murder mystery. TWITHATSFTGITW (help) includes all the most classic tropes from the “Woman in the House/Lake/Window/Apartment” genre—including an unreliable … Read more

Woman Gets a Call from the Girl Who Bullied Her in 7th Grade 40 Years Later

After 40 years, a woman, Simon Ellin, contacts a girl who bullied her in seventh grade while doing research that involved her former classmates in high school.  Studies have shown that bullying or peer victimization can have long-term impacts on victims. This was certainly the case with Simon Ellin, a writer.  Ellin had struggled with low-grade depression, … Read more

Young Woman Settles in an Old House and Meets Lonely Children There — Story of the Day

A young woman leaves her apartment to take up residence at an old house where she meets two lonely kids and their ailing mother — the meeting changed both their lives.  “Elizabeth Johnson, you are expected to leave this apartment within one week or risk forceful eviction.” That was what was written on the note her … Read more

Elderly Woman Writes Desperate Note to Neighbor, Asks to Be Her Friend

A lonely older woman was so afraid of being alone that she wrote a desperate note to her neighbor seeking friendship. Find out what happened afterward.  In April 2017, Marleen Brooks of Park Hills, Missouri, came home one afternoon and opened her mailbox, only to find an unexpected letter from her neighbor, who lived two … Read more

Girl Gives Her Food to Homeless Man, Gets Call from a Sobbing Woman When the Video Goes Viral

When a little girl saw a homeless man outside the restaurant window, she immediately wanted to help. Many praised her kindness after the story went viral online—it also led to an unexpected phone call.  Ella Scott and her father, Eddie, were spending some time together at a restaurant in Monterey, California. They were seated by the … Read more

Homeless Young Woman Marries Old Man without Knowing He Is a Millionaire — Story of the Day

A homeless woman’s life takes an unexpected turn when an old man asks her hand in marriage, and she nods a yes – but the woman has no idea how wealthy her future husband is. Jacob Conner was 76, insanely rich, but single. No, Jacob had not been a single man his entire life; it was … Read more

Woman Whose Heart Stopped 5 Times in 27 Minutes Returns to Life, Quickly Writes Down: ‘It’s Real’

When a woman went into cardiac arrest, her husband and other first responders refused to give up and managed to resuscitate her. She asked for a pen and paper as soon as she woke up.  Tina Hines was a healthy woman from Phoenix, Arizona, who lived a balanced lifestyle when she unexpectedly collapsed in 2018. … Read more

Passengers Ignore Crying Little Boy until a Woman Finds Out He Boarded the Wrong Plane — Story of the Day

A young boy got lost at the airport and started to cry after realizing his mistake on the plane, but nobody paid him any attention until a woman took action.  Lucas Adam was a kid of eight years when he was told by his mother Evelyn that they would be joining the external family for … Read more

Woman Buys Antique Necklace for Mere Change, Later Learns Its Real Value from a Jeweler

When a woman found an unusual necklace at a thrift store, she immediately decided to buy it. However, she didn’t know how precious it was until she asked her jeweler to examine it.  After listening to her jeweler’s analysis, she realized she had hit the jackpot. She bought the necklace for a few dollars, not … Read more

Woman Helps to Deliver Neighbor’s Baby, Discovers Her Husband Is the Father — Story of the Day

A married woman comes to her neighbor’s rescue and helps her home-deliver her baby, only to discover that the father of the child is her own husband. Sarah Harper had known Erica Vernon for over six years. The Vernons had moved in next door the same week as Sarah and her husband Kieran — both … Read more