Jerry Stiller’s Wife of 61 Years Anne Meara Encouraged Him to Commit a Crime on Their 1st Date

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara had one of the longest relationships in Hollywood history. They were such a unique couple that Meara urged him to commit a crime on their first date, and he did it. “Seinfeld” star Jerry Stiller had a stellar career in the entertainment industry, but his relationship with “Archie Bunker’s Place” actress … Read more

Wife Sees Disabled Vet Husband in Tears with Keys and Touching Note from a Neighbor in His Hand

In 2016, a disabled soldier was filled with tears after he found a huge surprise and a touching note from a kind stranger who had observed his struggle with cutting his lawn. The great majority of soldiers fighting overseas pay significant sacrifices to keep their creed of protecting lives. They abandon their families, travel to … Read more

Bill Cosby Spent Half a Century With His Wife Who Was Aware of His Affairs and Stood by His Side at His Trial

Despite all the drama, Bill Cosby has found himself in, his wife Camille Hanks has stood by him. The couple has been married for more than five decades and met when she was still a student. Bill Cosby met his future wife, Camille Hanks, in the spring of 1963 while on a blind date at … Read more

Inside Matt Damon’s $18M LA Home with Spa & Koi Pond Where He & Wife Raised Their 4 Daughers

Famous Hollywood actor and “Bourne Identity” superstar Matt Damon and his wife, Lucianna Barroso, purchased a Pacific Palisades mansion for a record-breaking amount of $18 million. A peek into their stunning estate.   Only a very few actors can match the global domination of American superstar actor Matt Damon. The brilliant performer has held the movie … Read more

‘M*A*S*H’s Harry Morgan Lost 1st Wife of 44 Years & Had to Control His Anger in 2nd Marriage

“M*A*S*H” star Harry Morgan lost his first wife after decades-long marriage when he was 44. However, the actor remarried but faced other struggles, including controlling his anger.  American actor Harry Morgan created a rare legacy with his mastery in the entertainment industry. Since attaining fame, the actor remained top of the game throughout his TV … Read more

Husband Gets Lost during Heavy Snow, 74-Year-Old Wife Goes to Search for Him — Story of the Day

John’s wife gets worried when he goes out to the barn during the worst blizzard of the century and decides to go and rescue him despite the danger. Jenny Sennite was seventy-four years old and she wasn’t enjoying retirement as much as she’d imagined. In fact, she hated it. She had tried to talk her husband … Read more

Man Finds Out His Wife Was Cheating on Him and Requires Children to Take a DNA Test

A young man fears the aftermath of his paternity test results and worries his dad’s love for him would fade away, leading to abandonment. An 18-year-old guy felt pressured to take a DNA test to come out clean about his paternal roots and prove that he was indeed his “father’s” son. But deep inside, the … Read more

Inside Sidney Poitier’s Mediterranean-Style Home Where He Lived with Designer Wife of 46 Years

Legendary American Actor Sidney Poitier and his longtime wife Joanna Shimkus live in a stunning Beverly Hills mansion which the entertainer acquired for a whopping $2.7 million. Here is a peek into their lovely home. If pictures are anything to go by, actor Sidney Poitier and his wife Shimkus share a gorgeously decorated home in Beverly Hills, California.  WHEN … Read more

Veteran and His Wife Freeze at Night until Children Build Them a Tiny Cozy Home

A veteran and his wife struggling to keep warm in the cold were surprised by local school children, who gifted them a tiny house they built themselves.  Children are amazing in more ways than one. The children in this story proved this without a doubt with a beautiful gesture made to a Navy veteran and … Read more

Loretta Lynn’s Husband of 48 Years Was Once Suspected of Cheating on Her with Her Brother’s Wife

Legendary country music star Loretta Lynn became a wife at fifteen and a teenage mom, giving birth to four kids. However, she lacked moral support from her husband, Oliver Lynn, who cheated on her with a relative. Loretta Lynn met her spouse Oliver Lynn at an auction held in Butcher Holler. While the event was … Read more

Kevin Costner Did Not Want More Kids after Fathering 4 When 2nd Wife Almost Left Him

Kevin Costner is a proud father of seven kids. Having been married twice, he welcomed three children from his first marriage but was reluctant to have more in his second union, leaving his spouse Christine Baumgartner to give him an ultimatum. Renowned actor Kevin Costner grew up in a conservative, hardworking Baptist family in Southern … Read more

Russell Westbrook’s Wife Is a Mom-Of-3 as Well as a Successful Family Therapist & Businesswoman

Basketball player Russell Westbrook’s wife, Nina, stole his heart in University. The couple is happily married and busy raising their three adorable children and managing their impressive careers.  Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Russell Westbrook has a beautiful family life with his wife, Nina Brooks, and their three adorable children, oldest son Noah and twins, … Read more