Poor Widower Who Struggles to Feed His Adopted Triplets Gets Letter from Santa — Story of the Day

A poor widower with amputated legs and struggling to feed his children receives a letter from Santa one day that changes his life in unexpected ways. When David married the love of his life, Kelly, the two decided to build their dream home together in a less known neighborhood of San Francisco, California. David was … Read more

Woman Helps Homeless Widower, Stunned When She Meets Him Again 14 Years Later

One moment Will Levens was enjoying the perfect life with his beautiful wife. Suddenly he found himself digging through trash, addicted to heroin, and all alone with no hope in sight – at least so he thought.  Levens, absolutely devastated by the death of his spouse, chose to try heroin once and became instantly addicted. His reliance on the substance led him to lose … Read more

Rich Widower Determines Fate of His Enormous Inheritance – Kids Won’t Get a Cent

A rich dad inherits $5 million from his late parents and works hard to build his lavish estate. But he is hell-bent on not leaving a dime to his children after his death for a genuine reason that they deemed “unacceptable.”  Born to wealthy and successful parents, a millionaire widower was dead set on disinheriting … Read more

Widower Is Barred from Boarding a Flight with His Newborn Baby, 82-Year-Old Meredith Helps Him — Story of the Day

A widowed man travels a long way to retrieve his newborn baby, but when he tries to return home with the child, he is refused entry into the plane.  Bob Hollis was running late. The 40-year-old had just received a call from a Florida hospital telling him a girl had just been born and he was listed … Read more

Devastated’ Widower Takes a Paternity Test after Reading His Late Wife’s Final Letter

Ten months after his wife died, a widower plucked up the courage to unfold the final letter she wrote for him before she died. After reading her soul-crushing confession, he hurried to take a paternity test. A heartbroken widower turned to social media to spill out his anxiety. He sought no advice, but his touching … Read more

Old Widower Ponders Cutting Granddaughter’s Inheritance in Favor of Relative He Never Met

A 60-year-old man revealed a shocking family secret on Reddit, which made him reconsider his will. He asked other users if it would be wrong to rethink how his estate would be divided among his granddaughters. The man had a 38-year-old daughter and two granddaughters. The older granddaughter was 20 years old, and the younger one was … Read more

After Wife’s Death, Widower Opens Drawer and Discovers Hidden Snap of Little Boy Inside — Story of the Day

After his wife’s funeral, a man finds his wife’s hiding place and discovers she had been keeping a dark secret from him all along. Ben stood alone near the freshly dug grave. Everyone who had come to his wife Alice’s funeral service had gradually dispersed, but Ben couldn’t take his gaze away from the small … Read more