Teacher, 77, Who Lived In A Car Received A Generous Check From His Former Students

When a substitute teacher faced hard times, he was forced to live in his car. Thankfully, some of his former students stepped up to the plate and gave him an unexpected birthday gift this year.  Jose Villarruel, known by his students as Mr. V, was forced to live in his blue Thunderbird for eight years. He … Read more

Third Grade Boy Gives His Birthday Money to His Teacher as a ‘Pay Raise’

In 2019, a little boy showed that the world still had compassionate people after he gave $15 received from his ninth birthday celebration to his teacher as a pay raise. Here’s everything about the story. Parker Williams, a nine-year-old third grade Florida student, proved he had a selfless spirit after he gifted his birthday money … Read more

Teacher Takes in a Former Student with Down Syndrome after His Mother Dies of Breast Cancer

When a student lost his mother to breast cancer, a teacher stepped in to help and gave him a loving home. She adopted the child in need, and the late mom gave her approval before her passing.  In 2019, a Massachusetts teacher made a special promise to a student and his mother. The mom had been … Read more

Sick Parents Beg Son’s Teacher to Take Care of Their Unborn Baby Days before Its Birth

When parents were ill and unable to look after their newborn baby, they reached out to someone for help. They asked their son’s teacher to step in, and the educator didn’t hesitate.  In 2020, a Stamford, Connecticut teacher went the extra mile for a student’s family. The parents were facing a Covid-19 diagnosis at a … Read more

Teacher Places Boy with Autism’s Desk in a Bathroom after Mom Asks for a Quiet Place for Him

A woman was left furious and stunned after asking her son’s school to provide a quiet place for her autistic son, and they moved his desk space to the bathroom. Read more on the story. Danielle Goodwin, a native of Washington state, is demanding answers and an apology after teachers at her son’s school, Whatcom … Read more

Teacher Adopts Five-Year-Old Student with PTSD Even Though Friends Say She’s Crazy

If we aren’t ruffling feathers, we can assume that we are doing something wrong with our lives. However, Paige Bramlett proved, dealing with these reprovals all the time can be tiring – unless you have someone to fight for.  Twenty-five-year-old Paige Bramlett, who became the adoptive parent of a 5-year-old as a teacher and now single mother, has faced immense scrutiny. … Read more

Orphan Boy Learns His Teacher in the Orphanage Is His Father — Story of the Day

An orphan nearly loses his life on a railway track but is saved by his teacher from the orphanage, who turns out to be his father; the man had been watching over him the whole time.  It took a near-death experience for Steve to meet his father. No, it’s not an exaggeration; it’s what really happened.  … Read more

Teacher Adopts Problem Child and His Brother, Spends All Her Savings to Become Their Mother

Three of the most difficult things in life include being a teacher, being a parent, and grappling with financial issues – all tasks one educator tackled with a herculean spirit.  In her mid-20’s a young teacher going by Chelsea Haley from Georgia decided to welcome two young boys into her home as her legal children. The journey … Read more

Teacher Follows Her 12-Year-Old Student Who Dives for Food in Dirty Dumpster before Christmas — Story of the Day

After noticing that her student doesn’t eat his lunch and frequently dumpster dives for food, a teacher becomes suspicious of him and decides to follow him. What she discovers along the way changes her life. Sandra Elliot worked as a teacher at Summerville Charter School in Nashville, Tennessee. Academically, the woman was a Ph.D. scholar, … Read more

Teen Boy Helps Violin Teacher with No Memory Find Her Way Home, Gets $200,000 Reward That Night – Story of the Day

On his way to the park, Paul stumbled upon his violin teacher, Mrs. Mills, but she was disoriented and lost. Luckily, he knew the way to her house and took her to safety. But later that day, a man came to his door with a huge check, and the young teen couldn’t believe it. Paul … Read more

Young Teacher Adopts Late Best Friend’s Kid and Learns She Was Not His Biological Daughter – Story of the Day

When Aaron reconnected with his long-lost friend, Kyle, he also formed a bond with his daughter, Hope. Unfortunately, Kyle succumbed to his vices, and Aaron had to take in his friend’s little girl. Then he discovered the shocking truth of Kyle’s actions and how dark his past was. “Kyle, is that you?” Aaron asked when he … Read more

Teacher Mocks Poor Girl Who Has No Money to Pay for School Party, Dad Learns about It — Story of the Day

A school teacher looks down upon a girl and humiliates her because she’s unable to pay for the school party. The tables are turned when the girl’s father learns about it and confronts the teacher. “I’ll announce the names of the students who have paid their fees. Those who haven’t yet can do so now. … Read more