13 Best Fisherman Sandals for Women 2022 — Cute Summer Sandals

Courtesy The weather is heating up, which means it’s time to fling your fave fuzzy socks and shoes into the wind (or closet—that works, too). This spring, summer, and even early fall, we’re freeing our feet by way of fisherman sandals—ya know, the woven shoes your ‘rents used to wear…oh, and actual fishermen, too. I … Read more

20 Best Summer Pants for Women 2022

Melodie JengGetty Images Summer: The season most of us prefer to avoid long pants. Truly, walking around in thick trousers while the sun is beating you down and the humidity is having a field day with your hair is not ideal in the slightest. But before you swear off all pants during the hottest months, … Read more

40 Cute Summer Work Outfits 2022 — What to Wear to the Office in the Summer

Courtesy Most of us can probably agree that dressing for summer isn’t super difficult. (I mean, cut-offs and T-shirts are a combo that always hits.) But when you need a ‘fit that will keep you cool in a more professional setting, things can get a lil tricky. For most work environments, denim shorts and a … Read more

20 Best Beach Blankets for Summer 2022 — Cute Beach Blankets

Courtesy Don’t let summer sneak up on you without a big ol’ beach blanket to protect your booty from hot grains of sand (ouch). I’m just saying, those outdoor throws are true summer heroes. Not only do they faithfully serve humanity by protecting bums from hot, sandy beaches (salute!), but many are also waterproof, so … Read more

ReelAbilies Film Festival: The Best Summer Ever

Best Summer Ever is Here to Stay A real life summer camp for people with disabilities got its time to shine earlier this year at the ReelAbilities Film Festival, which showcased films featuring people with disabilities from all over the world. Best Summer Ever * which served as the opening night film on April 29th, centers around a character … Read more