Family Adopts 3 Special Needs and Terminally Ill Children Abandoned with Nothing

When her parents moved from America to Guatemala, one woman didn’t know where she fit in. Everything changed when she met a terminally ill baby that set her life on a new trajectory.  Addisyn López and her husband Ronald never knew how one decision would change their lives and the lives of many others. When Addisyn was asked … Read more

Mom Abandons Son with Special Needs at a Hospital, the Police Arrest Her Later

In 2019, a mother of four abandoned her eldest child with Down Syndrome at a hospital in Georgia. However, she eventually got caught by the police and was charged to court. Find out what happened. On December 4, 2019, surveillance footage reportedly captured a 37-year-old mother of four, Diana Elliot, leaving her 14-year-old son with … Read more

Teacher Adopts Boy with Special Needs Whose Mom Died When He Was Two Years Old

When a young boy’s mom passed away, he needed a carer to look after him and give him the love he deserved. A teacher stepped up and took the special needs child in as her own.  This year, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Tina Vesey and her son, Angel Quezada Cervantez, celebrated their 15th Thanksgiving together. Vesey adopted him when … Read more

Assistant Principal Gets on the Ground near Special Needs Student to Help with His Emotions

When a third-grade student found out his bus home was running late, he decided to lay down on the ground to process his feelings. Soon afterward, he was joined by a kind and empathetic companion.  Random acts of kindness can light up people’s lives in the most remarkable ways. Their impact can be so enormous that … Read more

Teen with Special Needs Walks for the First Time after 8 Years in a Wheelchair

After using a wheelchair for eight years, following a failed surgery to correct hip displacement, an autistic teenager, Brandon Neal, smiled again as he walked for the first time, unaided. Here’s the whole story. Two years ago, the internet was set ablaze after a viral video showing the moment an autistic teenager walked without any … Read more

Adopted Girl Loses Special Teddy Bear, a Year Later They Are Reunited

A little girl finally found her “happily ever after” in the guise of her favorite teddy bear following months of separation. The reunion was all thanks to her parents’ search efforts. Last year, little Naomi Pascal went on a hiking adventure with her family to the Hidden Lake Trail in Glacier National Park. However, what … Read more

Nurse Forms Special Bond with Baby Abandoned Because of Her Rare Condition, Ends up Adopting Her

When a little girl was born with a rare health condition, she was abandoned. However, one nurse fell in love with the child and decided to give her a new forever home.  Amber Boyd was used to taking care of sick people. Her work as a pediatric ICU nurse might even have equipped her for the … Read more

Eve Flaunts Growing Baby Bump Alongside Millionaire Husband on Her Special B-Day Celebration

Former talk show co-host and one of America’s leading rappers, Eve, celebrated her birthday in style by flaunting her growing baby bump while posing next to her knight in shining armor — her wealthy English husband, Maximillion Cooper. For more than one decade, Eve has been one of the powerhouses in the rap industry. She … Read more

Special Needs Girl Befriends Sanitation Worker, One Day He Brings Her a Medallion

Emma Grace Johnson runs straight into the arms of her new and unlikely best friend, the local sanitation worker Elbert Berry who picks her up and embraces her. The tradition that these two have created has made a massive difference in this little girl’s life.  Since she was born, this 5-year-old who has special needs hasn’t … Read more

Bride Gets Married in Hospital So Terminally Ill Grandmother Can Be with Her on Her Special Day

Weddings have become lavish events, surrounded by immense gatherings and shining adornments. However, Sean and her now-husband, struck by a devastating revelation, chose an intimate ceremony instead. A bride-to-be’s grandmother, 71-year-old Avis Russell, was terminally ill with lung cancer. This future wife, Sean, and her fiancé ensured that they said their goodbyes to Russell in the most touching way.  When it dawned on her that … Read more

Footballer Fulfills Special Needs Girl’s Dream, Asks Her to a Dance in Front of the Whole School

Maddie Morley always dreamed of having a glittering night at the prom, but due to being autistic, she doubted this would ever happen. However, perhaps her assumptions were too quick, but even so, would she say yes?  Autism is considered a developmental disorder that makes those who are autistic experience the world in a unique way, … Read more