Parents Force Son to Hold ‘I Am a Bully’ Sign by the Street and Opinions Are Divided

A viral TikTok video showing a young boy holding an “I Am A Bully” placard while his parents sat and watched has generated a truckload of reactions from people.  A viral video on TikTok is generating heated debate among users and on other social media networks as people are divided over the actions of two … Read more

Inside John Stamos’ $5.8 Million Mansion for 15 Years Where He Celebrated His Wedding & Raised Son

“Full House” star John Stamos is a family man who once lived in a $5.8 million mansion where he married his wife Caitlin McHugh and welcomed his son Billy.  John Stamos is a famous name in Hollywood. Born on August 19, 1963, the actor has starred in many television series, most notably “General Hospital,” where … Read more

David Letterman Faced the $5m Kidnapping Plot of His Son 16 Months after His Birth

David Letterman welcomed his first child before he and his girlfriend married. A man was later found to be plotting to kidnap the child and his nanny when the boy was just a year old. In November 2003, David Letterman and his girlfriend, Regina Lasko, welcomed a baby boy who weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces, … Read more

Goldie Hawn Called Her Son Oliver Hudson a ‘Gift’ after He Almost Died as a Newborn

Goldie Hawn’s eldest child, son Oliver Hudson, was a miracle baby after beating the odds of survival following childbirth. Hawn believes that her son lived up to adulthood because of her motherly prayer. Veteran actress Goldie Jean Hawn was born November 21, 1945, in Washington D.C. to Laura Hawn, a jewelry shop/dance school owner, and … Read more

Kanye West’s Rumored Girlfriend Julia Fox Is Raising Her Son Alone amid Feud with Her Pilot Ex

Kanye West’s rumored girlfriend Julia Fox celebrates her son Valentino’s first birthday this January. However, her feud with her ex-husband might dampen the celebrations.  “Uncut Gems” actress Julia Fox is allegedly dating rapper Kanye West. She confirmed they went on their second date in a write-up for Interview Magazine, which she titled “Date Night.” Before … Read more

Grieving Widow Finds First Son She and Her Husband Secretly Put Up for Adoption 3 Decades Ago

Thirty years passed before one mother found the baby she put up for adoption as a 17-year-old. She gave the child away along with her husband and kept it a secret — until recently.  Janice Hoy and Earl Strong were not equipped to raise their unexpected firstborn, so they decided to give him up for adoption. It … Read more

Dad Is Having Dinner with Son When Doorbell Rings, He Opens the Door and Sees His Ex-wife — Story of the Day

One afternoon, Norman was having lunch with his son when his ex-wife Myra paid them a visit. Norman was shocked when she told them the reason for her visit after so many years. Norman and Myra had been married for seven years and had a six-year-old son named Oliver when Myra got a job in … Read more

Son Sees His Old Mother’s Will and Orders Her to Pack Her Stuff Immediately — Story of the Day

A son discovers his mother’s will and what he reads in it makes him tell her to pack her bags immediately and get ready to leave his house. Gerald Nizbit stared at the text on his screen in astonishment, then he picked up the phone. “Helen,” he said crisply to his assistant. “Get me my lawyer … Read more

Mother Defies Odds to Beat Stage 4 Cancer for Her Newborn Son

Ashley Hallford pins her ability to beat stage 4 cancer down to her connection with a higher power – but this was not the only miracle that happened in this Wonder Woman’s life.  A woman of faith, Hallford’s life is nothing short of magical, with the first astounding phenomenon occurring when she and her husband David Hallford tried … Read more

Farrah Fawcett’s Son Wore Jail-Issued Outfit When He Met Her before Death

Farrah Fawcett, the iconic on-screen goddess famous for her signature gold tresses and beauty, died at age 62. Before her demise, she enjoyed the company of her friends and family, including her only child, who visited her in a jail-issued outfit. As a young woman, Farrah Fawcett intended to pursue an entertainment career, which she did tenaciously. … Read more

Woman Standing in Line with Happy Dad Leaves Him an Envelope with Money after He Speaks about His Son

When one father was queuing in the bank to pay some bills, a stranger handed him an envelope. After he saw what was inside, he was stunned and ran after the woman.   In 2018 a father shared a moment that would stay with him forever. While he was entering the bank, he held the door … Read more

Agnes Moorehead Ignored Foster Son & Later Cut Him off

Agnes Moorehead was loved by many, and she had a great relationship with her colleagues. However, her relationship with her foster son was terrible, leading her to ignore and disown him. Agnes Moorehead was an actress best remembered for her portrayal of Endora in the television series “Bewitched.” Still, throughout her life on earth, she … Read more