How to Make Sex Better for Her

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Actually, more importantly, let’s talk about good sex. Like gooood sex. Like the good sex that makes everyone feel fully safe and 100 percent satisfied. Now, unfortunately, despite how pretty much every porn, sexy show, and steamy movie depicts female arousal, good sex for a woman typically isn’t a couple … Read more

14 Best Cheap Sex Toys 2022

COURTESY Unfortunately, sex toys can be pretty expensive. And I’m not just talking about those super high-tech devices either; I mean your simple bullet or wand vibrators and suction toys. If you want a quality toy that won’t give out on you after just one use, you might find yourself shelling out upwards of $150 … Read more

61 Hot Sex Games For Couples To Spice Up Your Relationship in 2022

“Find the Honey” Get a blindfold (a scarf or a tie will work here) for your partner, dip your finger in some honey and dab it on your body in a sexy, unexpected place, suggests Heather Claus, owner of, a kinky dating and education site. Your partner has to explore your body with their … Read more

4-Week Oral Sex Challenge to Make Blowjobs and Cunnilingus Better

GETTY | KATIE BUCKLEITNER IMO, few things in this world are sexier than oral sex (one of those few things being Harry Styles’s performance at the 2021 Grammys). However! There’s no denying that—whether you’re going down on someone or having someone go to town on you—it’s pretty damn intimate to be all up in someone’s … Read more

Hottest Sex Scenes and Nudity on Netflix

‘Easy’ This 2016 comedy anthology series has three seasons, all of them jam-packed with sexy scenes and storylines. It’s got a great ensemble cast that takes you on many different journeys through a changing Chicago, analyzing modern love from a spate of different perspectives. The show has an episodic anthology format, meaning you don’t need … Read more

Sam Asghari Reveals He Auditioned For “Sex And The City” Reboot

“Sex and The City”’s reboot has had fans and critics alike excited at the prospect of seeing the leading ladies in their fifties tackling their lives and issues.  However, one fellow star was so excited that he auditioned for a role in “And Just Like That…” but ended up not being on the show after … Read more

The Pinball Wizard Sex Position Is Just As Magical As It Sounds

Need something new in your sexual repertoire? Behold, the Pinball Wizard sex position. It’s like the bridge pose in yoga, but with orgasms. One partner lies on their back, then lifts their hips up, keeping their feet and shoulders on the ground. The other partner kneels to penetrate, holding their partner’s legs for balance and … Read more

First-Time Sex Tips – How to Have Sex for the First Time

Hello, welcome to an article dedicated to all things having sex for the first time. Chances are, you may be feeling a little nervous about the whole thing. Completely understandable. Whether it’s your first or 50th time, sex can be awkward—especially with someone new and especially if you’re comparing it to movies, what you see … Read more