Next in the Series: “How Would the ERA Impact Our Daily Lives?”

ABOUT THE SERIES: “A few months ago, journalist Rachel Leventhal had a conversation with three young women of color about gender equality and the Equal Rights Amendment. It was one of those conversations that yielded more questions than answers, namely: Why don’t women already have constitutional equality, and what would it really mean if we … Read more

New Series: Fe-MAN-ist Voices – Women’s eNews

In collaboration with Women’s eNews, Amy Ferris (author, writer and screenwriter) and Beth Broday (producer/director) have created and curated a column designed to inspire, encourage, awaken and enlighten MEN. We are bringing together an amazing team of men who will write about such topics as love, family, sexuality, compassion, tolerance, empathy and vulnerability, just to name a few. Our fervent … Read more

Jane Seymour Reunites with ‘Dr. Quinn’ Co-stars including Ex-boyfriend Joe Lando 23 Years after the Series Finale

Jane Seymour and her “Dr. Quinn” costars, including her ex Joe Lando reunited this week for a special celebration 23 years after the 90s medical drama ended.  “Dr. Quinn” star Jane Seymour took to Instagram this week to share that she and her costars William Shockley, Jason Leland Adams, and Joe Lando reunited to celebrate … Read more

Welcome to our New Series and Podcast: Indigenous Women Speak Out

For far too long, Indigenous communities have been spoken for, or spoken at, and it is past time to hear from them in their own words. Indigenous women face extraordinary challenges: They are exponentially more likely to be victims of physical and sexual violence, which is often unreported and perpetrators are rarely brought to justice. They … Read more