Wife Sees Disabled Vet Husband in Tears with Keys and Touching Note from a Neighbor in His Hand

In 2016, a disabled soldier was filled with tears after he found a huge surprise and a touching note from a kind stranger who had observed his struggle with cutting his lawn. The great majority of soldiers fighting overseas pay significant sacrifices to keep their creed of protecting lives. They abandon their families, travel to … Read more

Boy Insists He Has an Identical Twin in Class — His Mom’s Heart Melts When She Sees Their Photo

Two of the cutest 5-year-old friends posed for a photo at school, complete with their coordinating outfits and adorable smiles. However, an awestruck mother couldn’t believe what she saw when she looked at the picture.  Being a parent is a full-time job. That’s why, in 2019, when Britney Tankersley’s son Myles suddenly told her at 8:00 PM that he needed matching … Read more

Young Man Sees a Little Boy in the Park Who Is a Carbon Copy of Him as a Child – Story of the Day

A young man sees a little replica of himself at the park, and it leads him down the rabbit hole of finding out about his parents’ messy past.  George Thorn had no worries in the world. He was a young man of 27 who had worked as a chef at his favorite restaurant which was located … Read more

Poor Boy Nearly Dies Saving His Drowning Classmate, Next Day Sees Luxury Car Stop near Hospital — Story of the Day

A class bully who risks his life to save a drowning classmate is taken aback when he sees an unfamiliar luxury car parked outside the hospital and his parents emerge from it. Ron Holland was a class bully and really hotheaded. None of Ron’s classmates dared to oppose him when he said or wanted something from … Read more

Dad Is Having Dinner with Son When Doorbell Rings, He Opens the Door and Sees His Ex-wife — Story of the Day

One afternoon, Norman was having lunch with his son when his ex-wife Myra paid them a visit. Norman was shocked when she told them the reason for her visit after so many years. Norman and Myra had been married for seven years and had a six-year-old son named Oliver when Myra got a job in … Read more

Son Sees His Old Mother’s Will and Orders Her to Pack Her Stuff Immediately — Story of the Day

A son discovers his mother’s will and what he reads in it makes him tell her to pack her bags immediately and get ready to leave his house. Gerald Nizbit stared at the text on his screen in astonishment, then he picked up the phone. “Helen,” he said crisply to his assistant. “Get me my lawyer … Read more

Girl Goes Out to Pick up Parcel and Sees Her Childhood Friend as the Courier

A teenager dressed up as a FedEx deliveryman unexpectedly arrived at his childhood best friend’s house. When she went outside to sign for the “delivery,” she was stunned to see him.  Last year a Fort Mill, South Carolina resident got a big surprise when she went to collect a delivery from her front door. Sixteen-year-old, Soultana … Read more

Husband Leaves Wheelchair-Bound Wife, Few Years Later Sees Her Walking in Park with Another Man — Story of the Day

A husband abandoned his wife and kids shortly after an accident, but a few years later, he ran into her in a park. The former couple now had new lives, and the husband felt bad seeing his ex-wife with another man. Amelia Raymonds was a very pretty girl who had it great from her childhood. … Read more

Man Helps Woman Lift Stroller, Later Sees Cross Necklace He Buried with His Child on Her Baby

A man’s single act of kindness leads him and his wife on a journey that reunited her with her siblings she never knew she had.  It was a fine evening in New York when Jude Fiddlestein left his hotel for a walk to clear his cluttered mind. He was a businessman who had traveled to New … Read more

Woman Sees Crying Child Alone in the Middle of the Road and Rushes to Help — Story of the Day

A woman met an unlikely hero in the middle of the highway and followed her. It turned out to be a day the woman would never forgot.  It was February 12. Elizabeth Fraser was driving home from work, tired as ever. She was a nurse who had transferred to the new hospital in the area, so … Read more

Woman Sees Daughter for the First Time since a Misdiagnosis Left Her Blind for 15 Years

After enduring years of being visually impaired, a woman got her sight back and was greeted by the unrecognizable presence of her daughter and other relatives. Her reaction was priceless. Over fifteen years ago, Connie Parke began noticing abnormalities in her vision, prompting her to visit the ophthalmologist. After undergoing a series of tests, the … Read more

Son Has Been Visiting Mother’s Grave for 12 Years When He Sees a Woman Who Resembles Her There — Story of the Day

A lonely orphaned man visits his mother’s grave every week for 12 years, then one day he arrives and finds her standing by her own grave. Gary Levine’s Sundays always ended with a visit to his mother’s grave. He might go to lunch with friends, play golf or tennis, but no matter what, Gary’s day … Read more