Arrogant School Bus Driver Drops off All Kids at the Bus Stop except Two

A mom has the nightmare of her life at the bus stop after the school bus driver drops all the kids and mysteriously hurries away with her two kids still on board. Parents often trust that one school bus driver they’ve barely met—or never met—would safely drive their kids around in a huge yellow vehicle. … Read more

Olivia Rodrigo Unfollowed by “High School Musical” Co-Star Joshua Basset

After a year-long feud between the two, Joshua Basset has unfollowed his “High School Musical” co-star, Olivia Rodrigo.  A couple of weeks ago, Basset made it clear that he and Rodrigo are no longer on speaking terms, and it seems that he has made it official by unfollowing the songstress.  The feud between the pair began … Read more

School Principal Is Moved by Life Story of Man Who Was Looking through Garbage for Food

In 2015 a school principal saw a man in need and stopped to help him. The encounter moved both men to tears, and the homeless man’s life story touched many people.  When John Brantley saw a man digging through a trash can near Best Buy in Mobile, Alabama, he didn’t imagine that their paths would cross. The … Read more

Deployed Dad Dresses up as Santa and Surprises Daughters at School after a Year Away from Home

After being on tour in the Republic of Korea for one year and being away from his family, a proud father, Josh Risher, surprised his daughters with an unexpected arrival at an event in their school. Here are the full details of the story. In December 2014, five-year-old Kaylee and eight-year-old Christy were left in … Read more

Soldier Mother Surprises Daughter at School after Returning Home in Time for Christmas

The yuletide kicked off in the most satisfying way for a soldier who reunited with her young daughter after months of being away due to service. The duo’s heart-melting reunion was captured in a clip that has since gone viral.  Christmas came in early for a little Sorrento Primary Schoolgirl in Ascension Parish when she … Read more

Mom Takes Son to School, Gets Emotional When She Sees Boy Who Is a Carbon Copy of Her Son There — Story of the Day

A mother stood perplexed when she saw another boy who looked exactly like her son at school. After digging deep, she made a shocking discovery.  Dr. Samantha Darcey has been through a rough ride in her marital life. Things started brightly for her. She was a brilliant child and always topped her class in elementary school. … Read more

Little Biracial Girl Mocked at School for Being Adopted, Later Meets Her Biological Mom — Story of the Day

A 9-year-old girl is in tears after being mocked by her classmates for being adopted. When the girl’s adoptive mother finds out, she decides to contact the girl’s biological mother. “Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. We’ll make sure Kathy doesn’t feel left out. You can rest assured about that,” Kathy’s class teacher, Mrs. Smith, reassured … Read more

Old School Cleaner Shamed by Children Turns Out to Be a Rich Man with Huge Inheritance — Story of the Day

An old cleaner who was getting bullied by kids at the school he worked at was rescued by an innocent boy, but there was more to the old man than they knew.  January 11 was the first day Lucas set eyes on Kevin Davis. The man was the school’s new janitor — the old one had been … Read more

Rich Mom at Christmas School Fair Mocks Another Mom Who Works at Night — Story of the Day

A woman mocks the mom of another student who works at night at her daughter’s Christmas school fair, then she learns who the other woman really is. “Now children,” said Miss Davis. “I want you all to talk to your moms about bringing goodies for the school Christmas Fair!” The whole class immediately started talking all at … Read more

Girl, 8, Banned from Taking School Picture Because of Her Red Hair Extensions

Debates surrounding school uniforms, dress codes, and issues associated with them are nothing new. However, when these matters hit close to home, it becomes much more personal, bringing up anger, arguments, and tears. Many of us may remember picture day at school. When we were very young, for the most part, our parents used to dress us … Read more

Teacher Mocks Poor Girl Who Has No Money to Pay for School Party, Dad Learns about It — Story of the Day

A school teacher looks down upon a girl and humiliates her because she’s unable to pay for the school party. The tables are turned when the girl’s father learns about it and confronts the teacher. “I’ll announce the names of the students who have paid their fees. Those who haven’t yet can do so now. … Read more

Dad Follows 13-Year-Old Daughter from School after Seeing Her Get Out of Unfamiliar Man’s Car — Story of the Day

A man gets suspicious of his 13-year-old daughter when he discovers her getting out of an unknown man’s car after school and decides to follow her. What he discovers in the process leaves him astounded.  When Amanda left for her heavenly abode, Matt knew things weren’t going to be easy for him. Their daughter Stacey … Read more