Firefighter Saves Young Orphan, Presents Little Box with Her Parents’ Items & Adopts Her

A little girl who lost her parents and everyone she called “family” to a fire accident gets the shock of her life when the firefighter who rescued her gives her a little box recovered from her burned house.  Firefighters risk everything to save lives every day—it’s their job. Sometimes, they move on to their next mission and … Read more

Heroic 5 Year Old Girl Saves Her Father’s Life During Adorable 911 Conversation

A brave little girl dialed 911 and managed to save her father’s life. However, that is not the reason everyone is talking about her. The girl’s sweet conversation is what pulled on many heartstrings and gave some a good laugh.  In 2013, a 5-year-old girl from Indiana contacted 911 to alert them about her father’s need for … Read more

Dad Suspects Boy Chatting with His Daughter on Social Networks and Saves Her from Being Traded

When a father found out that his daughter was speaking to someone online, his parental instincts kicked in. He saw something that made him call the police.  When 15-year-old Bruce started speaking to Scott Jenkins’ daughter, Haylee, also 15, the father wasn’t immediately worried. Jenkins had warned his children about the dangers of the world wide web before, and … Read more

Mother Saves Her Baby Throwing Him Out of 2nd-Floor Window — Story of the Day

A young single mom is faced with a horrific situation in which the only thing that will save her newborn baby’s life might well kill him. Every mother and father always say they would do anything for their child, run any risk to save their lives — but would they? How far would you go … Read more

Eagle-Eyed Waitress Saves Boy from Abusive Parents by Getting Him to Secretly Signal for Help

A restaurant manager proved her resourcefulness when she saved a little boy from the hands of his parents and torturers minutes after they walked into the restaurant for a family meal.  In what she considered an “act of God,” a restaurant manager, Flaviane Carvahlo, played a major role in seeing that a minor escaped the … Read more

Park Worker Saves a Woman’s Life after Noticing Her Car Had Not Moved All Day

When an attentive park worker noticed a vehicle had been parked in the same spot all day, he became suspicious. His attention to detail saved a woman’s life.  This year a Nevada man turned into a hero during a routine day at work. Randy Turner has been keeping public parks in the area safe and clean for close … Read more

Woman Saves Unconscious Man in the Park, His Dog Leads Her to His Home — Story of the Day

When Alec felt a strange pain and fainted, his dog Timothy walk around him, barking at strangers for help, but no one responded, except for a woman, who would soon learn there was more to Alec’s sudden fainting than she could have imagined. “Calm down, boy!” Barbara said as she patted Timothy’s head. He was constantly … Read more

Poor Mom Saves 85-Year-Old Man from Robbery, Inherits Rusty Old Fridge after He Dies — Story of the Day

The single mother of three rescued a fragile old man from a group of teenagers who wanted to rob him, and he leaves her a rusty old fridge. Sheryl Zimmer was hurrying home from her job hunt when she saw a group of teenagers crowding a frail-looking old man into an alley. It was cold and raining and Sheryl … Read more

Years After Man Forbade Wife to Adopt an Abandoned Girl, She Saves Their Daughter-In-Law’s Life – Story of the Day

A woman is left stunned when the girl she couldn’t adopt years ago appears and saves her daughter-in-law’s life.  “Hello, Anne. I got your address from the hospital records. I hope you remember me. I just wanted to thank you for what you did for my daughter-in-law,” Cynthia said, greeting Anne. “Oh, Mrs. Silvers, please … Read more

Man Saves Choking Boy’s Life on the Road, Boy’s Mother Believes He’s an ‘Angel in a Pickup’

The mother of a nine-year-old boy feared the worst after he started choking on a piece of hard candy. However, an “angel in a pickup” was on hand to save the day.  Sometimes in life, people are faced with situations they seemingly cannot get out of. At such times, it is forgivable if such a … Read more

Medical Student Saves Critically Injured Gunshot Victim — Reunites with Him 25 Years Later

Damon Walker lay helpless on the street, close to death and begging for someone to help him. Luckily, an individual came to his rescue. Now, 25 years later, he met up with his hero – but did the reunion go as planned?  It was early in the morning on New Year’s Day in 1996 when both Damon Walker … Read more

Hero Mom Saves Son’s Life by Throwing Him Out of Their Car Moments before It Explodes

A mother was driving home with her two sons when she spotted a fire in the passenger footwell. Fortunately enough, she managed to haul her kids out of the blazing vehicle only seconds before it exploded. Going through near-death experiences is bound to leave people scared, gasping for air, and shaken to the core. A woman … Read more