Poor Widower Who Struggles to Feed His Adopted Triplets Gets Letter from Santa — Story of the Day

A poor widower with amputated legs and struggling to feed his children receives a letter from Santa one day that changes his life in unexpected ways. When David married the love of his life, Kelly, the two decided to build their dream home together in a less known neighborhood of San Francisco, California. David was … Read more

Grandson Finds His Grandfather’s Old Letter to Santa and Decides to Fulfill the Old Man’s Wish – Story of the Day

While searching for Christmas tree ornaments, Clark discovered his grandfather’s old letter to Santa. The old man had been seven years old when he wrote it, asking for a television set. He didn’t seem to care for presents now, but his teenage grandson decided to surprise him on Christmas morning. “I’ll go see if the rest … Read more

6-Year-Old Sam Begs Grocery Cashier to Find Santa to Help His Poor Bedridden Mom — Story of the Day

A 6-year-old boy begs a grocery store cashier to help him find Santa after his mother is bedridden following an accident. Santa grants his wish and pays him a visit, bringing an envelope addressed to him and his mother. Just a week was left for Christmas, and customers were pouring in and out of a … Read more

Girl Writes a Letter to Santa Asking for a Wheelchair for Her Neighbor, 58, So He Can Visit Her

A little girl made a special request to Santa for Christmas. Instead of asking him for toys, she asked for a wheelchair for her neighbor, who lost movement in his legs three years ago and couldn’t leave his house to play with her. Children have a special connection with Saint Nick. Following in the tradition every … Read more

Santa Sits on the Floor So Blind Boy Can ‘See’ Him through His Hands

A visually impaired boy received a priceless Christmas present after snagging the rare opportunity of seeing Santa Claus during a surprise visit. Matthew Foster, a six-year-old boy from Texas, loved everything about Christmas. But his favorite thing about the holiday season remained the jolly bearded fellow who went around distributing presents on Christmas eve. During the … Read more

Closer Weekly: Jimmy Stewart Dressed as Santa on Christmas

Christmas was always a beautiful celebration for Jimmy Stewart’s family as he took it upon himself to create joyous memories for his kids both on and off-screen. Get inside his family tradition.  American actor Jimmy Stewart was known for his All-American good looks, boyish charm, and deceptively easy-going way of acting that combined to make … Read more

8-Year-Old Boy with Autism Can’t Go to Santa Because of Anxiety — Santa Comes to Calm Him

In 2019 a mother went to a shopping mall in Gurnee, Illinois, with her autistic son. The youngster wanted to interact with Santa, but his anxiety got the better of him. However, Santa did something special. A boy desperately wanted to meet Santa, but he could not bring himself to do it. Photos of the 8-year-old who … Read more

‘Please Help!’ 9-Year-Old Girl Asks Santa to Help Friend Who Lost Her Father in an Emotional Letter

A nine-year-old girl, Riley inspired thousands of people after a selfless Christmas letter written to Santa Claus went viral. What was the content of the note? Continue reading to find out. Employees at Lowe’s in Millville, Pennsylvania, always enjoy reading the “Dear Santa” letters pinned up in the break room during every holiday season. Young customers … Read more

Deployed Dad Dresses up as Santa and Surprises Daughters at School after a Year Away from Home

After being on tour in the Republic of Korea for one year and being away from his family, a proud father, Josh Risher, surprised his daughters with an unexpected arrival at an event in their school. Here are the full details of the story. In December 2014, five-year-old Kaylee and eight-year-old Christy were left in … Read more

Busy Delivery Driver Cries as He Reads His Son’s Letter to Santa Asking for Help

A busy delivery truck driver was moved to tears after reading his little son’s letter to Santa. So he shared the note on social media, which later went viral. Here’s what the little boy wrote. Last year, the Covid-19 was a curse, especially to families who lost loved ones to the dreadful virus. However, it … Read more

Little Boy Begs Cops to Find Santa Claus and Give Him His Christmas Letter – Story of the Day

When Chris went to the police station, only one cop, Officer Dean Miller, listened to him. The boy wanted him to find Santa and deliver his urgent letter. Officer Miller promised to do his best and cried when he read the boy’s words. Then he enlisted his friends’ help for a big surprise. “See, Mom? I … Read more

8-Year-Old Boy Writes Santa a Letter, Asking Him to End His Sister’s Bullying

In 2013, a mother asked her kids to write a letter to Santa. However, she never expected the request from her eight-year-old son, and his words went viral.  When a Rocky Mount, North Carolina mother read the letters her twins had written to Santa, she was stunned. While many kids ask for toys and treats under the … Read more