Inside Regis Philbin & Wife Joy’s Favorite Family Mansion That They Had to Sell before He Died

Regis Philbin, the small screen legend who held the world record for the most hours on American television, died at 88. He was a popular anchor and an actor, singer, and comedian in his long career. Just as his career was long, his marriage to his second wife lasted for 50 years. Together they had … Read more

Regis Philbin’s Son Had Defect that Led to Leg Amputation & Was Honored for Bravery after 9/11

Daniel Philbin, the son of Popular American T.V. host Regis Philbin had a very tough childhood, but he still made his father proud after his act of bravery. Regis Philbin, named after his father’s alma mater Manhattan’s Regis High, was born to parents Frank and Florence Philbin. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame … Read more

Regis Philbin Kept the Death of Son, Who Lost Both Legs, Quiet for Months

Regis Philbin is widely considered one of the biggest names in the American show business and had one of the longest careers in television. Unfortunately, his private life was filled with grief following his son’s death. It would be difficult not to mention Regis Philbin when talking about the success of show business in the late … Read more