Old Widow Pays for Poor Man’s Groceries and Notices He’s a Carbon Copy of Her Late Spouse — Story of the Day

An elderly widow offers to pay for a poor man’s groceries, but things take an unexpected turn when she examines his face closely and realizes he resembles her late husband! It was a cold wintry morning in Sunnyvale, California when Dorothy Baker left her house for a trip to a nearby grocery store.  Dorothy, who is … Read more

Poor Boy Nearly Dies Saving His Drowning Classmate, Next Day Sees Luxury Car Stop near Hospital — Story of the Day

A class bully who risks his life to save a drowning classmate is taken aback when he sees an unfamiliar luxury car parked outside the hospital and his parents emerge from it. Ron Holland was a class bully and really hotheaded. None of Ron’s classmates dared to oppose him when he said or wanted something from … Read more

Poor Widower Who Struggles to Feed His Adopted Triplets Gets Letter from Santa — Story of the Day

A poor widower with amputated legs and struggling to feed his children receives a letter from Santa one day that changes his life in unexpected ways. When David married the love of his life, Kelly, the two decided to build their dream home together in a less known neighborhood of San Francisco, California. David was … Read more

Bride Pretends to Be an Orphan to Exclude Her Poor Dirty Mom from Her Luxury Wedding — Story of the Day

A bride pretended to be orphaned in order to keep her mother out of her wedding. But in the end, she came to regret her actions as life taught her a vital lesson. Jill was the only child in her family, and she was only four years old when her father abandoned her. Her mother … Read more

Poor Old Lady Cuts Her Gorgeous Hair to Buy Her Husband a Gift and It Upsets Him — Story of the Day

Agnes chopped off her waist-length hair to buy her husband Jim a Christmas present. In an exciting turn of events, Jim had planned something similar for her, but what began as a loving present for the beloved better halves turned out to be something hilarious. Agnes and Jim were happily married for 60 years, even … Read more

Poor Boy Hears Dog Barking in Neighbor’s House for Two Days and Decides to Check Inside — Story of the Day

A lonely boy from a poor home becomes an unlikely hero when he decides to find out why his neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking.  Ethan Hough was a 13-year-old boy who was being raised by his impoverished parents. They made sure he was well-fed, but the family lived from hand to mouth for the most … Read more

Poor Grandma Is Mocked and Neglected by Grandson for ‘Ugly’ Sweater She Knits Him for Christmas — Story of the Day

A grandson mocks and neglects his grandmother for sending him an “ugly” sweater for Christmas. Little does the boy know it’ll end up saving his life one day. “Mom! Mom!” 11-year-old Mark cried to his mother, Cindy. “It’s the same sweater, mom! I don’t want to wear it!” “Please, honey, put it on! We’re already running … Read more

Poor Maid Takes DNA Test and Discovers She Is the Daughter of a Mogul — Story of the Day

A young woman who works as a maid for a billionaire’s family does a DNA test and discovers she is his daughter.  Ellie Barrows was as poor as a church mouse, but she had grown up surrounded by luxury. Her mother had been the housekeeper to a Wall Street billionaire, Kingston Dane, since before Ellie … Read more

6-Year-Old Sam Begs Grocery Cashier to Find Santa to Help His Poor Bedridden Mom — Story of the Day

A 6-year-old boy begs a grocery store cashier to help him find Santa after his mother is bedridden following an accident. Santa grants his wish and pays him a visit, bringing an envelope addressed to him and his mother. Just a week was left for Christmas, and customers were pouring in and out of a … Read more

Poor Homeless Painter Spends All His Money to Make a Present for a Sad Orphan Girl — Story of the Day

The first meeting between a sad orphan girl and a poor homeless painter turned out to be the push they needed to turn their lives around. Find out how.  Christie was fed up with living in the orphanage and decided to run away. She had been living there since she was two years old. She was … Read more

Robber Is Caught Red-Handed by Cop after He Steals Poor 91-Year-Old Lady’s Money — Story of the Day

A cruel man robs a 91-year-old woman of her money but is outwitted by a police officer who captures him red-handed and he had no clue! “I see a lot of muttering going on here. Is there a problem?” Officer Hill asked as he approached Alice, the cashier at Rancher’s grocery store in Kenosha, Wisconsin. … Read more

Poor Mom Saves 85-Year-Old Man from Robbery, Inherits Rusty Old Fridge after He Dies — Story of the Day

The single mother of three rescued a fragile old man from a group of teenagers who wanted to rob him, and he leaves her a rusty old fridge. Sheryl Zimmer was hurrying home from her job hunt when she saw a group of teenagers crowding a frail-looking old man into an alley. It was cold and raining and Sheryl … Read more