Holland Taylor Is Sarah Paulson’s Partner Who Is 31 Years Older than Her — Facts about the Actress

With many decades as a top entertainer and multiple awards to prove her worth as a top talent of her generation, Holland Taylor is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s finest. When looking for class, humor, and elegance, Holland Taylor would be on the front page in the hearts of many fans. Since her debut in Hollywood, … Read more

Raymond Burr Died at 76 in 1993 with Partner of 33 Years by His Side Who Got His Entire Estate

Raymond Burr had one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. He also enjoyed one of the longest relationships in the industry before his death at 76. Raymond Burr enjoyed one of the most decorated careers as an actor spanning more than five decades. Burr was one of the biggest names during the Hollywood classic … Read more

David Letterman Admitted Cheating When $2m Extortion Plot Was Exposed Months after He Wed Partner of 23 Years

David Letterman revealed to have had several sexual relationships with staff on his show after he was extorted a whopping $2 million under threats that the information of his affairs would be published. Over a decade ago, David Letterman told his late-night viewers about his infidelities, making them all laugh, thinking it was a joke. … Read more

Drakeo the Ruler’s Partner Lost ‘Her Rib’ on Her Birthday When He Was Fatally Stabbed at 28 during LA Music Festival

The last few days have been sad for the American rap industry after losing their own, Drakeo the Ruler. However, the saddest part is that he passed on on his partner’s birthday.  Born Darrell Caldwell, Drakeo the Ruler was famed for his oddly expressive, poetic word choices. His fan-favorite songs included “Impatient Freestyle” and “Talk … Read more

Lily Tomlin Wed Her Partner after 45 Years of Dating

Hollywood stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner found love in each other’s arms over four decades ago and only just tied the knot a few years back. Tomlin credits her decision to walk down the aisle to a little push from a “red carpet guy.” Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner have known each other since … Read more

Richard Thomas’ TV Sister Had Crush on Him before His Real Partner Appeared in ‘the Waltons’

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Kate Hudson Was Raised by Mom’s Partner & Estranged from Dad Who Claimed He Fought for Her

Kate and Oliver Hudson were raised by their mother Goldie Hawn and her partner Kurt Russell for most of their lives. Their biological father, Bill Hudson, however, discloses that he has been fighting for them with no success.  Kate and Oliver Hudson have considered Kurt Russell as their father for the longest time. Behind the scenes, however, their biological father’s attempts … Read more

Billie Jean King Has Been with Partner Ilana Kloss for 42 Years

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King paved the way for women in tennis, advocating for equal prize money as their male counterparts. She also bravely came out as gay despite being advised against it. Billie Jean King was the top-ranked woman in the world for six consecutive years. She bagged twenty Wimbledon championships and thirty-nine Grand … Read more

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Last Partner Stole Money from Her in 2015 While She Was in a Coma

Since the inception of humankind, people have shown their selfish intentions regarding gaining money and fame. In an attempt to get rich, they disregard the implications of their actions on their loved ones. Such was the case for Nick Gordon, who was associated with Whitney Houston’s family since he was a boy of 12. Houston and her husband Bobby … Read more

Woman Kicks Grandmother Out of House After She Tried to Convince Her Partner to Discipline Son

An old-fashioned grandmother who strongly believed “non-masculine men” belonged in the trash visited her granddaughter. She was furious after seeing her great-grandson’s painted nails and rushed to the woman’s partner. Redditor throwaway5yas moved in with her boyfriend and five-year-old son to care for her mom diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had the certificates and felt she was … Read more

Roseanne Barr’s Dating History Including Partner of 2 Decades & Messy Splits with 3 Husbands

Comedian, actress and producer, Roseanne Barr, born in 1952, became a personality thanks to the “Roseanne” series of which she was the main character. Through a housewife mother of three, the series evoked the daily life of the Conners, an American family from the working class. The series was canceled in 2018 after she posted … Read more

‘Blacklist’ Star James Spader Has 3 Kids with Ex-wife & Partner Who Both Are Growing Artists

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