Young Man Sees a Little Boy in the Park Who Is a Carbon Copy of Him as a Child – Story of the Day

A young man sees a little replica of himself at the park, and it leads him down the rabbit hole of finding out about his parents’ messy past.  George Thorn had no worries in the world. He was a young man of 27 who had worked as a chef at his favorite restaurant which was located … Read more

Boy Finds Unconscious Woman in the Park, His Mother Recognizes Her as Her Long-Lost Sister – Story of the Day

When her child discovered an unconscious woman in the park, Rebecca rushed to help and thought she looked familiar. However, she couldn’t remember why until the woman woke up in the hospital and called her name. It was her missing big sister, who had a shocking story to tell. “Mom! Come! There’s a lady on … Read more

Husband Leaves Wheelchair-Bound Wife, Few Years Later Sees Her Walking in Park with Another Man — Story of the Day

A husband abandoned his wife and kids shortly after an accident, but a few years later, he ran into her in a park. The former couple now had new lives, and the husband felt bad seeing his ex-wife with another man. Amelia Raymonds was a very pretty girl who had it great from her childhood. … Read more

Park Worker Saves a Woman’s Life after Noticing Her Car Had Not Moved All Day

When an attentive park worker noticed a vehicle had been parked in the same spot all day, he became suspicious. His attention to detail saved a woman’s life.  This year a Nevada man turned into a hero during a routine day at work. Randy Turner has been keeping public parks in the area safe and clean for close … Read more

Woman Saves Unconscious Man in the Park, His Dog Leads Her to His Home — Story of the Day

When Alec felt a strange pain and fainted, his dog Timothy walk around him, barking at strangers for help, but no one responded, except for a woman, who would soon learn there was more to Alec’s sudden fainting than she could have imagined. “Calm down, boy!” Barbara said as she patted Timothy’s head. He was constantly … Read more

Homeless Man Steals Woman’s Purse at the Park, Finds Photo of His Mother in It — Story of the Day

A man steals an old woman’s purse in the park and makes an extraordinary discovery that ends up transforming his life. Timothy Oster had been living on the streets for so long that he’d forgotten he’d ever lived any other way. At thirty-five, he was hardened, angry, and like so many other homeless people, he … Read more

Little Girl Sees Stroller Left under the Rain in the Park, Finds Newborn Baby and a Note in It — Story of the Day

Sophia’s parents were surprised to see their little girl rolling a stroller with a baby inside into the house. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the child and tried to visit him often at the orphanage. Sadly, the boy was sent to a foster home years later. But one day, their doorbell rang incessantly, and the boy was right there, so Sophia’s … Read more

Little Boy Finds Abandoned Stroller with Newborn Girl in Park, Years Later They Meet Again – Story of the Day

Seven-year-old Eric discovered an abandoned baby in a stroller at the park. He begged his parents to adopt her, but they couldn’t. So he visited her at the orphanage every day until a new family took her, and they lost contact. But they made an important promise to each other. Eric’s parents often let him go … Read more

Homeless Man Falls for Rich Girl He Met at the Park and Waits for Her Every Day to Return – Story of the Day

Timothy had to start working at a young age after his father made horrible financial decisions. Then he lost his mother and became homeless in a new city. The young man thought his luck had changed after meeting Molly at a park, but he was wrong. Timothy’s family lived in Sacramento, California, for many years. His … Read more