Young Woman Settles in an Old House and Meets Lonely Children There — Story of the Day

A young woman leaves her apartment to take up residence at an old house where she meets two lonely kids and their ailing mother — the meeting changed both their lives.  “Elizabeth Johnson, you are expected to leave this apartment within one week or risk forceful eviction.” That was what was written on the note her … Read more

Millionaire Meets Homeless Girl Who Has the Same Birthmark as His — Story of the Day

A millionaire inadvertently discovers he is a father after he meets a homeless girl on the street, who begs him for some pennies to feed herself and her mother.  “Congratulations Miss Carolyn, you’re 4 months pregnant!” a chubby doctor with squinty eyes exclaimed excitedly as she revealed the results of the test the younger woman had … Read more

California Mom Meets Her Child 29 Years after Being Told He Had Died at Birth

A mother secretly celebrated the birthday of her baby daughter for nearly three decades. She was told her little angel had died after birth, but what she found out in 2019 changed everything she had known for almost 29 years.  A mother’s love for her child is endless, and it only gets stronger with time. However, losing … Read more

Terminally Ill Woman Vows Not to Die until She Meets Her Pregnant Daughter’s Baby — Story of the Day

A terminally ill woman is determined to live long enough to see her longed-for first grandchild but the doctors don’t hold out much hope. When Helen Marstons was 43, she was diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of cancer, and she beat it even though the odds were against her. Helen was a born warrior and never … Read more

Mom Meets Officer Who Has Been Cleaning Her Late Daughter’s Memorial for Years

A police officer who had been cleaning a young girl’s memorial site for years went viral after a TikToker shared his video in August. The cop was recently approached by the girl’s mom, who thanked him for his kind gesture.  It’s not often that we come across incredible stories involving random acts of kindness performed by … Read more

Woman Helps Homeless Widower, Stunned When She Meets Him Again 14 Years Later

One moment Will Levens was enjoying the perfect life with his beautiful wife. Suddenly he found himself digging through trash, addicted to heroin, and all alone with no hope in sight – at least so he thought.  Levens, absolutely devastated by the death of his spouse, chose to try heroin once and became instantly addicted. His reliance on the substance led him to lose … Read more

Dad Meets 40-Year-Old Daughter for the First Time — He Didn’t Even Know She Existed

A 59-year-old man, John Gonsalves, received a terrific surprise after his quest for knowledge about his European ancestors led to the discovery of a 40-year-old daughter he never knew existed, who lived a few miles away. The shock came after Gonsalves’s daughter, Robin, gifted her father an AncestryDNA kit for his birthday. While the man … Read more

Old Man Gets Stuck in the Airport on Christmas Eve, Meets Lover He Lost Almost 60 Years Ago — Story of the Day

Some people believe that “everything happens for a reason,” but 79-year-old Walter thought that was “utter crap” his entire life. Who knew his ostensible beliefs would shift on the auspicious occasion of Christmas Eve? As far as Walter could recall, he had always been alone in life. His grandmother raised him after his parents abandoned … Read more

Mom Accidentally Meets Daughter 6 Years after Being Told She Died in a House Fire

A mother was left shattered after she was informed that her ten days old did not survive a house fire. However, she spotted the child in the most surprising circumstances six years later. A six-year-old girl, who was believed to have died as a baby in a house fire, was kidnapped, finally reunited with her … Read more

Destitute Woman Abandoned by 4 Husbands Meets Pastor Who Helps Her Find True Love — Story of the Day

After four failed marriages, a woman believed God was not with her and lost all hope of finding true love. However, thanks to her pastor, her story took another twist.  Judy Thompson was a heartbroken woman nursing the pain of four failed marriages. She had been married four times, but all her marriages had a … Read more

Grieving Mom Meets Limping Mute Boy Who Looks Exactly like Her Late Son and Takes a DNA Test — Story of the Day

A mother who is unable to accept that her son is no longer alive meets a young boy from an orphanage who resembles her late son. Things take an unexpected turn for both of them when she takes a DNA test with him. As Silvia opened her eyes, she watched them come and go. Nurses … Read more

Little Biracial Girl Mocked at School for Being Adopted, Later Meets Her Biological Mom — Story of the Day

A 9-year-old girl is in tears after being mocked by her classmates for being adopted. When the girl’s adoptive mother finds out, she decides to contact the girl’s biological mother. “Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. We’ll make sure Kathy doesn’t feel left out. You can rest assured about that,” Kathy’s class teacher, Mrs. Smith, reassured … Read more