Climate Feminism: Where Compassion and Climate Justice Meet

Senator Joe Manchin made his name as a climate justice villain. It’s the campaign message he ran on in 2010, defying President Obama’s climate legislation, and it’s the reason he has taken up so much space in our news feeds lately— Manchin has made it his mission to shut down attempts at environmental reforms aimed to mend … Read more

Kids Meet at Wedding, Walk Down the Aisle at Their Own 2 Decades Later after a Chance Reunion

Love is an unusual and unexpected force, finding its way into our lives whenever it pleases. If anyone can vouch for this, it’s Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn, whose story will leave skeptics with tears in their eyes.  In 1995, these two were just toddlers when they met at a wedding in Minnesota. The little girl, Husbyn, wore … Read more

Meet ‘How I Met Your Father’ Star Francia Raisa Whose Actions Left Her Friend Selena Gomez ‘Forever Grateful’

Star of “How I Met Your Father” Francia Raisa revealed the details of her kidney donation that she kept behind closed doors last year for World Kidney Day.  Francia Raisa’s latest TV project sees her portraying Valentina for the Hulu “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff series “How I Met Your Father.” Her character is a … Read more

Meet His Adorable Granddaughter Delilah Who Is Following in His Footsteps

Rod Stewart has remained relevant in the music industry for years and is known for his songs, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” and “I Don’t Want To Talk About It.” However, his job as a father and grandfather supersedes all. Let’s meet his only grandchild, Delilah. British Rock and Pop Singer, Songwriter, and Record … Read more

Touching Moment a Couple Who’d Been Trying to Become Parents for 9 Years Finally Meet Adopted Son

A couple’s infertility issues made them unable to have a child of their own. After waiting for 9 years, their lifelong dream to become parents came true when they traveled from Texas to California to meet their beloved son.  Becoming parents to a bundle of joy is indeed a precious feeling. However, some couples can have … Read more

Meet Clayton Echard’s 31 ‘Bachelor’ Contestants

Sarah H. Show Status: Still in the running (Top 31) Age: 23 Job: Wealth Management Advisor From: New York City, New York ABC Bio: Sarah may be young, but she’s gone through more in life than the average girl her age and she doesn’t let it slow her down. When she’s not killing it on … Read more

Rod Stewart Fathered 8 Children with 5 Different Women — Meet His Blended Family

Rod Stewart is a British songwriter, rock and pop singer, record producer, and the father of eight children at 76. Rod had several relationships and fathered children from five different women. While the age difference between his first and last is 47 years, Rod Stewart has learned to be a father who meets his children’s … Read more

Owen Wilson Volunteered to Take DNA Test for His Third Child Whom He Was Never Going to Meet

Owen Wilson and his ex-girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates, welcomed one child while together, but the actor wanted a paternity test. Despite the test coming back positive, he’s never met his daughter. In Dallas, Texas, on November 18, 1968, Owen Cunningham Wilson was born. After finishing high school, he studied at a New Mexico military academy before … Read more

43-Year-Old Man Dresses up as Buddy the Elf to Meet His Biological Father for the First Time

A father and son met each other for the first time in the weirdest way after the younger man dressed up as Buddy the Elf. Let’s take a look at what happened during the reunion. A man identified as Doug Henning, who dressed as an elf to meet his biological father, Raul, for the first … Read more

Poor Woman Worked 3 Jobs to Make Ends Meet While Her Mother Wasted Away Her Inheritance

A woman took it to Reddit after discovering that her mother wasted her inheritance money while she was busy working three jobs to complete her college education. The Redditor explained what her mother went through as a child that negatively affected her personality. She confessed she didn’t share the best relationship with her mother. The … Read more

75 Years after Pearl Harbor Tragedy, Survivor Learns Fate of Beloved He Failed to Meet That Day

A 97-year-old USS Arizona survivor couldn’t stop thinking about his girlfriend who went missing in the 1941 Pearl Harbor tragedy. Nearly 75 years later, a Redditor helped him track her down. It was December 6, 1941, when Lauren Bruner, 21, saw his beloved girlfriend for the last time. For years, he lived under the assumption that she went … Read more

Daughters Meet Mom after 40 Years Apart Thanks to a Baby Photo Her New Husband Sent Them

Two sisters were given the gift of a lifetime when they finally met their mother after four decades apart. The reunion was made possible thanks to a special photograph.  In 2017 the world witnessed a special reunion between a mother and her daughters. Starla Medlock and Jeannie Toome had longed to reconnect with their mom for … Read more