Relationship Statistics for 2022 – Stats on Marriage and Divorce

It’s human nature to think about love. It’s everywhere, from the TV shows you marathon, to the ads you’re served, to the people you surround yourself with—love, sex, and relationships are inescapable, and it’s not unreasonable to wonder if your opinions and experiences are anything like everyone else’s. What does love, on a larger scale, … Read more

Scott Bakula Took 15 Years to Propose to ‘NCIS’ Co-star after His 1st Marriage Ended Due to Work

Scott Bakula’s career skyrocketed after starring in “Quantum Leap.” However, his fame and success came at the price of his marriage. After his first divorce, he promised to do better with his family. Here’s a look at how he is handling his career and family. American Actor and Movie Director Scott Bakula have enjoyed a … Read more

Cameron Diaz Called Marriage a ‘Dying Institution’ & Had Untraditional Rule before Meeting Spouse

Famous American Actress Cameron Diaz, who has multiple blockbuster movies under her belt and a vast fan base, did not believe in marriage until she met Benji Madden.  Cameron Diaz had been involved in many romantic relationships when she declared that marriage was a dying institution and one that did not interest her.  But when … Read more

‘M*A*S*H’s Harry Morgan Lost 1st Wife of 44 Years & Had to Control His Anger in 2nd Marriage

“M*A*S*H” star Harry Morgan lost his first wife after decades-long marriage when he was 44. However, the actor remarried but faced other struggles, including controlling his anger.  American actor Harry Morgan created a rare legacy with his mastery in the entertainment industry. Since attaining fame, the actor remained top of the game throughout his TV … Read more

Henry Winkler’s Marriage of 43 Years Might Never Have Happened as Wife Turned Him Down at First Meeting

Veteran actor Henry Winkler has been married to Stacy Weitzman for over forty years. Winkler still vividly recalls what occurred the first time he laid eyes on his spouse, who was challenging to court. Comedian Henry Winkler met his lovely wife Stacy Weitzman in 1976 when he starred on the hit sitcom “Happy Days” as … Read more

Inside ‘M*A*S*H’s William Christopher’s 59 Years Marriage to Co-star He Met on a Blind Date in College

William Christopher, aka Father Mulcahy in the riveting series “M*A*S*H,” was an intriguing character to watch. In reality, the onscreen cleric had a wonderful life with his long-term wife and one-time co-star whom he met during his college years.  William Christopher did a fine job playing the helpful and hardworking Father Mulcahy in the historical … Read more

‘Little House on the Prairie’s’ Jason Bateman Fought to Save His Marriage to Paul Anka’s Daughter

Jason Bateman was a child star who lost his way, falling into the Hollywood party scene during his twenties and thirties. Thanks to his wife, Amanda Anka, he changed his ways and continued his career in the entertainment industry. Jason Bateman is among the few child stars who continued their Hollywood careers until adulthood. The … Read more

Cooper Kupp and Wife Welcomed 2 Kids Together — The NFL Star Says He’ll Fight for Their Marriage

NFL star Cooper Kupp not only has a successful career but has a flourishing and wondering personal life with his wife Anna and their two children, the youngest of which will turn one on January 17, 2022.  LA Rams star Copper Kupp and his wife married in 2015 and later welcomed two children. Their oldest … Read more

Rosie O’Donnell’s First Marriage Lasted Only Half a Year after Being in the Relationship for a Decade

American comedienne Rosie O’Donnell and her former spouse Kelli Carpenter fought for their love as a same-sex couple, but their union was short-lived to their dismay. It got dissolved because of State law. Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter had been together for ten years before they tied the knot. They had four children, Chelsea O’Donnell, Parker O’Donnell, Vivienne O’Donnell, … Read more

Couple Proved Wrong Critics That Said Their Marriage Shouldn’t Exist by Living Happily for 25 Years

A couple defied skeptics and proved doubters wrong when they married in 1995, becoming the first couple with Down’s syndrome to become husband and wife, both in the UK and worldwide.  Time and again, we come across heart-touching tales of true love surviving the odds. However, when such stories are centered around people with physical or … Read more

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s Marriage Affected by Camilla from the Beginning

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding was a talk-of-the-town and seemed to have been full of beautiful promises. But in reality, the union was doomed from the start and eventually ended in a split. The royal family has been part of modern history, from the days of Queen Victoria, who ushered in the industrial era, to that … Read more

Willie Nelson Was Caught Flat-Footed by Hospital Bill That Later Destroyed His 2nd Marriage

Willie Nelson is one of the world’s most accomplished musicians. He is known for his outlaw country songs with hit singles like “Crazy” and “On the Road Again.” Though an accomplished musician, he has never admitted to being the perfect husband. A year after he and his first wife split, the country legend married another … Read more