16 Pictures of Olympic Athletes the Moment They Knew They Won

The 2022 Winter Olympics are beginning to wind down, with only a few more days of events on the horizon. Team USA has collectively won seven golds, seven silvers, and two bronzes in Beijing, putting them third in the world behind Norway and ROC (which Russian athletes compete under), tied with Canada and Austria, so … Read more

Elvis Presley’s Ex-wife Says He Deliberately Killed Himself and ‘Knew What He Was Doing’

Even though Elvis Presley became a household name and icon worldwide, the reality of the King of Rock’s life was far from desirable.  Like many famous musicians, the singer battled demons that nobody else could understand, leading to some dark moments in his life. His wife, Priscilla, was there to witness all of the ups and downs.  … Read more

Presenting: 50 Celebs and the Hot Siblings You Never Knew They Had

I need to talk about Zac Efron’s brother.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Happily Wed for 37 Years, Knew She Would Marry Christopher Guest before They Met

“Halloween” star Jamie Lee Curtis knew she would marry her husband Christopher Guest when she saw a picture of him. Thirty-seven years later, they are still married. Not many people believe in the law of attraction – the belief that you will attract into your life what you put your focus on. But they may change … Read more

Donny Osmond Once Disappeared from the Spotlight for Years — Nobody Knew Him When He Came Back

Donny Osmond started his entertainment career at a very young age, and by the time he hit his teens, he had become a teen idol on the cover of various magazines. In his early twenties, his career began to stall, and even though his publicist wanted him to involve himself in a drug scandal purposely, … Read more

‘We Knew They Needed to Be Together’

Two Pennsylvania dads became a happy family of eight after adopting six neglected siblings who had spent 1,640 days in foster care. The same-sex couple discovered the children online in need of a forever home.  Some adoption stories are so heartwarming that they leave a lasting impression. And one such adoption tale is of the Anderson-McLean … Read more

David Cassidy Knew Mom Recognized Him before Death ‘With One Single Tear’ From Her Eye

David Cassidy’s mom, Evelyn Ward, had dementia, but he knew she recognized him before breathing her last breath after dropping a tear.  David Cassidy rose to fame as a teen idol after starring as Keith Partridge in the 1970s sitcom “The Partridge Family.” His character was the show’s heartthrob and the craving of many teenage girls … Read more

Mom, I Always Knew You Were a Lesbian

(originally published on Dec. 16, 2016 in The Huffington Post.) It had been six years since I delicately disclosed to my teenage son that I was dating a woman for the very first time. But my surprise announcement was quickly eclipsed by his sardonic response. “Mom, I always knew you were a lesbian!” he quipped, … Read more

John Wayne Tried to Spend More Time with Son Ethan as He Knew He Wouldn’t See Him Grow Up

Despite knowing he was going to die, legendary Actor John Wayne battled his cancer diagnosis bravely. He also tried to spend more time with his son Ethan Wayne, knowing he would not see him grow up. Legendary American Actor John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison on May 26, 1907. He was famous for starring in … Read more

Jane Seymour Felt ‘Devastated’ after She Caught 4th Husband Cheating with a Woman She Knew

British actress Jane Seymour has said ‘I do’ four times, and all her marriages ended in extra-marital affairs. However, it was her fourth marriage that tore her apart because she believed it was “forever.” In 2019, Jane Seymour opened up about her wounded heart following her divorce from her fourth husband, James Keach, who cheated … Read more

Chubby Checker Knew He Was Going to Marry Miss World 1962 the Moment He Saw Her

For several years, entertainment icon Chubby Checker has been married to his wife and former Miss World, Catharina Lodders. The former once revealed that he knew the model would be his wife from the moment he saw her. Find out more. American Rock ‘n’ Roll singer and dancer Chubby Checker is known by many for … Read more

Woman Discovers Sister She Never Knew, Then Calls Her Mother to Get Answers

After a woman received a DNA testing kit as a gift from her boyfriend, she took the test and was shocked to see the results. Her boyfriend admitted he made a mistake by gifting the kit to her. The woman’s boyfriend posted the story on Reddit, revealing how his simple gift yielded unexpected results. The … Read more