Melissa Sue Anderson Has Been Married for 31 Years with 2 Kids & Kept a Low Profile on Purpose

American actress Melissa Sue Anderson, who rose to fame when she appeared on the popular 1970 series “Little House on the Prairie,” has stayed away from the spotlight for most of her life. Read on to understand why.  Melissa Sue Anderson was an integral part of an ensemble cast that made the series “Little House on … Read more

Adopted Kid’s Mom Recognizes His Biological Father Panhandling near a Supermarket

A Utah family who adopted their four-year-old son met his biological father near a supermarket. The reunion took place after the kid’s mom noticed an older adult panhandling around the area. Brandy Vega and her family, including her adopted son, 4-year-old Blaze, and her husband, scheduled the weekend of January 7 for family shopping. The … Read more

Couple with 9 Kids Scared of Becoming Homeless as Council Sends Them an Eviction Notice

An English couple with nine kids and two relatives have had difficulty finding a suitable home and are scared of losing their Keighley residence, following the council’s verdict to evict them from where they have called home for a long time. Clifford Westfall and his wife Clair Patterson share nine children in their Keighley, West … Read more

Rich Single Man Who Lost All Hope of Becoming a Dad Adopts 5 Kids in One Day — Story of the Day

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James Arness Once Gave Away His $2 Million Ranch to a Bunch of Kids Who Were Not His

Beloved actor James Arness donated his ranch worth $2 million to neighborhood kids in his lifetime. Find out about the remarkable donation and more about his life.  James Arness was one of America’s beloved actors in his lifetime. He was most famous for playing Marshal Matt Dillon in the CBS TV series “Gunsmoke.”  Arness was born … Read more

Father Gets a DNA Test on His Birthday and It Says That Two of His Kids Are Not Really His

A 51-year-old man took it to Reddit after discovering a shocking truth about his family. He believed he had lived a perfect life until he heard the unanticipated confession.  A million thoughts popped up in his mind when he discovered the secret. He asked himself why he was oblivious to the truth during the past … Read more

Arrogant School Bus Driver Drops off All Kids at the Bus Stop except Two

A mom has the nightmare of her life at the bus stop after the school bus driver drops all the kids and mysteriously hurries away with her two kids still on board. Parents often trust that one school bus driver they’ve barely met—or never met—would safely drive their kids around in a huge yellow vehicle. … Read more

Kevin Costner Did Not Want More Kids after Fathering 4 When 2nd Wife Almost Left Him

Kevin Costner is a proud father of seven kids. Having been married twice, he welcomed three children from his first marriage but was reluctant to have more in his second union, leaving his spouse Christine Baumgartner to give him an ultimatum. Renowned actor Kevin Costner grew up in a conservative, hardworking Baptist family in Southern … Read more

Penelope Ann Miller Filed for Divorce & Custody of Her 2 Kids in 2012 However She Changed Her Mind Shortly After

Penelope Ann Miller filed for divorce from her husband, James Patrick Huggins, but later withdrew her filing in 2012. However, it was not the only time rumors sparked of the couple’s separation.  In 2017, reports surfaced that “The Artist” star Penelope Ann Miller had successfully divorced her husband, but the rumors are seemingly untrue according … Read more

‘Happy Days’ Marion Ross Found Love after Painful Divorce Left Her Penniless with 2 Kids to Care For

At the height of her career in Hollywood, “Happy Days,” Marion Ross went through a painful divorce that left her penniless with two kids to care for. The movie star, however, eventually found true love. Old Hollywood is known for its glitz and glamour, but that could not have been possible without its shining stars, one … Read more

Kids Meet at Wedding, Walk Down the Aisle at Their Own 2 Decades Later after a Chance Reunion

Love is an unusual and unexpected force, finding its way into our lives whenever it pleases. If anyone can vouch for this, it’s Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn, whose story will leave skeptics with tears in their eyes.  In 1995, these two were just toddlers when they met at a wedding in Minnesota. The little girl, Husbyn, wore … Read more

Pierce Brosnan Grew up with No Father & Siblings — It Made Him Cherish Family & Be a Better Dad to His 5 Kids

Pierce Brosnan has enjoyed an accomplished Hollywood career. However, he endured a tough childhood that included being bullied and feeling like an outsider. Find out more about his story.  Irish-American actor Pierce Brosnan is famous for his prominent roles in Hollywood movies. The celebrity was the fifth actor to play James Bond in the Bond movie series … Read more