David Letterman Faced the $5m Kidnapping Plot of His Son 16 Months after His Birth

David Letterman welcomed his first child before he and his girlfriend married. A man was later found to be plotting to kidnap the child and his nanny when the boy was just a year old. In November 2003, David Letterman and his girlfriend, Regina Lasko, welcomed a baby boy who weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces, … Read more

Steve Harvey’s Ex Accused Him of Kidnapping in $60m Lawsuit after Spending Time behind Bars

Steve Harvey once dated a woman who, since they split, has been very busy. She has been in jail, then in a courthouse accusing him of kidnapping — here are the details.  Steve Harvey is a famous family man with a lot of influence within Hollywood. The talented funnyman has been with his current wife … Read more

Black Parents Outraged after Strangers Accuse Them of Kidnapping Their Adopted White Kids

After experiencing multiple incidents where strangers have accused them of harming their children, the Moore parents have had enough! The couple is incensed and beyond tired of consistently experiencing racism. Thirty-seven-year-old mechanic Harry Moore and his wife, 43-year-old Jennifer McDuffie-Moore, a learning specialist, are proud parents of 6 beautiful children.  Twenty-one-year-old Joy and 11-year-old Kourtney are their biological children, while the other four, 10-year-old Keenan, … Read more

10-Year-Old Girl Escapes Kidnapping Thanks to Her Parents’ ‘Code Word’

Ten-year-old Maddison Raines was nearly kidnapped by a stranger had it not been for the code word her parents agreed to have in the family. Regardless of where a person is, the possibility of danger will always be there, especially for children. Many parents fear for their kids’ safety, but one family specifically added an … Read more

Woman Tries to Track Down Biological Mother–Discovers That She Faked Her Kidnapping

A woman was looking for her biological family when she discovered something heartbreaking. The family she had been living with was not who they claimed to be.  TikTok user @thebeardedmom knew the woman who raised her was not her biological mom, but there was more to the story than that. When she started on a … Read more