In the Middle of the Night, Childless Couple Hears a Kid Crying from the Attic of Their House – Story of the Day

A married couple is split apart when one midnight they both hear a kid crying somewhere in their home — the man wanted to kick the child out, but the woman refused.  Oliver Robinson had been a husband for ten years but had, for some reason, not been able to father a child with his … Read more

Kid Is Left on Church Doorstep While His Mom Disappears with No Trail for 15 Years — Story of the Day

When her husband died, Linda didn’t want to raise her 3-year-old stepson, Lucas, so she left him at the local church and disappeared from his life. Fifteen years later, Linda showed up asking for forgiveness, but he only had a few words to say to her. Lucas could barely remember his life before living in St. Mary’s Church … Read more

Mom Disables Sound of Baby Monitor at Midnight, Wakes up Hours Later to Check on Her Little Kid

A mom who muted the sound on her baby monitor at midnight had the shock of her life when she woke up a couple of hours later to check on her toddler.  Posting to Reddit’s “beyondthebump” subreddit, user Abc123xyz789qrs456 shared a terrifying experience she had after accidentally muting the sound on her baby monitor, assuming her child was … Read more

Man Suspects Kid Is Not His, Takes DNA Test – Story of the Day

After a short breakup, Emily and Matthew rekindled their relationship and discovered they were pregnant. The couple got married, had the baby, and were happy until people started questioning why their child looked nothing like his father. Matthew demanded a test, and Emily had no other choice. But then, he revealed the shocking reason why he … Read more

Morgan Freeman Did Not Want 5th Kid & Gave Wife Solution as She ‘Was Hysterical to Have a Baby’

Actor Morgan Freeman has not only been a helper and mentor on screen but also in real life. The actor gave his second wife a solution when she “was hysterical to have a baby” he didn’t want, and here is how he did it.  Grey hair and beards never looked better as it does on … Read more

Sidney Poitier Banned Diahann Carroll’s Kid from Moving in with Them a Day before Her Arrival

Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll had remarkable careers, but both stars are best remembered for their whirlwind romance that saw them go back and forth with endless love. Hollywood has witnessed the rise and fall of many stars who took the world by storm with their talent, but it has also seen the end of … Read more

Young Teacher Adopts Late Best Friend’s Kid and Learns She Was Not His Biological Daughter – Story of the Day

When Aaron reconnected with his long-lost friend, Kyle, he also formed a bond with his daughter, Hope. Unfortunately, Kyle succumbed to his vices, and Aaron had to take in his friend’s little girl. Then he discovered the shocking truth of Kyle’s actions and how dark his past was. “Kyle, is that you?” Aaron asked when he … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Begged to Be in Estranged Father’s Life after He Abandoned Her as a Kid

Kelly Clarkson, who grew up singing in the choir, rose to fame after winning the first “American Idol” season in 2002. Despite her fame, she never had a united family front. As a child, Kelly Clarkson’s parents divorced, with both her parents getting remarried. She grew up with her mother and had a non-existent relationship … Read more

Man Notices Wife Disappearing to the Attic at Night, Next Day Finds Old Woman and Kid There – Story of the Day

When Abram and Zara moved in together, she told him that the attic was now her walk-in closet. Abram didn’t think anything of it until he caught her going up there in the middle of the night. After investigating, he discovered two people living there and was shocked by his wife’s explanation. Zara started dating Abram when … Read more

Rosie O’Donnell’s Ex Wanted No Money but Was Accused of Using Their Kid for ‘Her Own Gain’

When Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds met in 2011, things were all optimistic. After they got married in secret in 2012, the couple didn’t know there would be ‘trouble in paradise.’ Shortly after their marriage, they adopted a daughter named Dakota. However, as their relationship came to an end, they both wanted sole custody of … Read more

Carol Burnett Made One Daughter Hate Her ‘Guts’ & Later Took Care of Her Other Daughter’s Kid

Renowned actress Carol Burnett is a mom of three daughters, two of whom have been troublesome because of drug addiction. She had to enforce some tough love to get them help. In July 2020, Carol Burnett got candid about her daughter Carrie Hamilton’s drug addiction from a young age. She told ARRP The Magazine: “My … Read more

Poor Boy Pays Bus Fare for Woman with Kid, Then His Mother Receives $1 Million – Story of the Day

When little Nicholas saw the bus driver ask Sandra and her newborn baby to get off because they didn’t have enough money for the fare, he stepped in and paid for their ride. A few days later, Sandra returned the young boy’s generosity by doing something unexpected. Sandra Anderson had to spend the night at … Read more