30 Destination Wedding Ideas – Destination Wedding Locations

Caerula Mar Club, South Andros Island, Bahamas South Andros Island is one of The Bahamas’ largest and least inhabited islands, which makes it an ideal setting for a beachfront wedding, sans uninvited onlookers. This boutique hotel was designed by HGTV’s Sarah Baeumler, where each of the five private villas and 18 suites feature her signature … Read more

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13 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Adults 2022 — St. Patrick’s Day Party 2022

Hot take: St. Patrick’s Day is a very underrated holiday. March sucks (winter, can you GTFO already?) and St. Patty’s is just about the only good thing that happens all month. Unless you’re lucky enough to still get a spring break. In which case, can I come? What makes March 17th so great? It’s an … Read more

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Instagram: @erikathom | @leletny Call me biased—do it, DO IT—but I personally think that 3a hair is one of the most versatile of the curl types. (…I should also state that I have a mix of 3a hair, so I genuinely am biased.) Still, if you have 3a hair, you know what I’m talking about: … Read more

33 Gorgeous New Year’s Hairstyle Ideas and Inspiration for 2021

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25 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas — Best Care Packages for Sick Person

Knack Shops/Urban Stems Being sick sucks. But if there’s one teeeeeeny tiiiiiiny up side, it’s also the absolute perfect excuse to take care of yourself—we need it after this year, kay? Regardless of the reason—the flu (gross), COVID (FML), surgery (nooo), or just utterly burned out (relatable!)—there’s a perfect get-well-soon gift for the person in … Read more

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