Debbie Reynolds & Tony Curtis Confronted Each Other on Set Because of Her 1st Husband’s Lies

Debbie Reynolds was undoubtedly a Hollywood great, but her life was filled with the pain of betrayal and slander she felt, especially after being dumped by her husband Eddie Fisher in favor of her friend. Being a celebrity comes with many controversies; in fact, scandals are one of the side consequences of being a star, … Read more

Bride Surprises Guests at the Wedding by Making Vows to Her Husband’s Ex-girlfriend and Son

During their vow ceremony, a bride turned her attention away from the groom and focused on two unusual guests—the groom’s ex-girlfriend and their son. Her words left everyone in tears.  Katie Musser was not a conventional bride when she got married in 2017. During the ceremony, the woman took the spotlight off her and her … Read more

After Husband’s Death, Widow Discovers He Was Married to Another Woman for 17 Years — Story of the Day

After Chris’s death, Margaret learns that her husband was married to a woman named Erica for 17 years. She decides to track down the woman and learn the whole truth, but what she discovers along the way astounds her. Margret was heartbroken after Chris died. They had been through a lot together, including the agony … Read more

Grieving Widow Wants to Use Dead Husband’s Frozen Sperm to Have a Baby

A 35-year-old woman faces a High Court battle to use her dead spouse’s frozen sperm to have a baby due to a documentation blunder made 11 years ago. Nothing can prepare us for the loss of a loved one. Over time, the pain only worsens, and coping with grief can be deeply upsetting. A woman … Read more

Destitute Woman Abandoned by 4 Husbands Meets Pastor Who Helps Her Find True Love — Story of the Day

After four failed marriages, a woman believed God was not with her and lost all hope of finding true love. However, thanks to her pastor, her story took another twist.  Judy Thompson was a heartbroken woman nursing the pain of four failed marriages. She had been married four times, but all her marriages had a … Read more

Woman Moves Grandma to Tears Gifting Her a Pillow Made from Late Husband’s Shirt for Christmas

Some say love doesn’t last forever, but for one elderly woman, she never let go of her soulmate. Knowing how much she loved her late spouse, her grandchild came up with a beautiful surprise. Ilse Webb’s husband Bobby died of pancreatic cancer in 2008 on his 70th birthday, and although he is gone, his late wife still … Read more

Nene Leakes Spotted Holding Hands with New Man Months after Husband’s Death & Claims She Had His Blessing to Move On

NeNe Leakes has found love only months after losing her husband to cancer. She was spotted hitting a Miami restaurant in the company of her new beau, businessman, Nyonisela Sioh. New photos of the couple by TMZ showed them holding hands as they left a restaurant after a romantic dinner. The couple was all smiles … Read more

Mom Gives Birth to Son Only Hours before Her Husband’s Death from Cancer

What began as a moment of joy for Haley Parke turned into sadness, as she lost her husband to cancer a few hours after she welcomed their son. Here’s the whole story. A Connecticut woman identified as Haley Parke has revealed what can only be described as a bittersweet moment in her life as the … Read more

Woman Thinks Her Sister Is Pregnant with Her Husband’s Baby and Asks for a DNA Test

A pregnant woman’s elder sister suspected her of carrying her husband’s baby and demanded a DNA test. Their sisterhood suffered an unthinkable jolt in a twist of fate when the results arrived.  When seeds of doubts bred in a woman’s mind regarding her sister’s pregnancy, she thought DNA would be the only option to prove … Read more

Nene Leakes Shows off Her New Man at Her 54th Birthday Party Months after Her Husband’s Tragic Death

NeNe Leakes has found love months after her husband passed on. The actress showed off her new love interest during her 54th birthday party. After losing her husband to cancer in September, the past few months have been tough for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes.  The star celebrated her big day with … Read more

At Her Husband’s Funeral, Woman Leans to Kiss Him for the Last Time and Sees Him Blinking — Story of the Day

A grieving wife is bidding her final farewell to her young dead husband with a kiss when he surprises her by blinking. Jenny Lambert was making cookies with her three-year-old daughter May on a Sunday afternoon when the phone rang. May giggled as she watch her mom try to wipe the flour off her hands … Read more

Widow Learns Her Husband’s Secretary Forged His Will to Inherit All of His Property – Story of the Day

A woman gets cheated out of her inheritance by a woman who claimed to be her husband’s mistress, when in truth, she was just his secretary.  “Time of Death, 2:41 P.M,” Dr. Quinn said with regret. She had been about to leave the clinic when they received the emergency patient they identified as John Moss. He had slipped … Read more