After Son’s Death, Mom Enters His Room and Cries as She Hears Child’s Voice Saying ‘Hi Mom’ — Story of the Day

A grieving mother is frozen stiff in disbelief when she hears her son’s voice a few days after his death and decides to check his room. Amanda raised her son Eric alone after her husband died of cancer and left for his heavenly abode. Eric was merely four then, and raising a kid alone was nothing but … Read more

In the Middle of the Night, Childless Couple Hears a Kid Crying from the Attic of Their House – Story of the Day

A married couple is split apart when one midnight they both hear a kid crying somewhere in their home — the man wanted to kick the child out, but the woman refused.  Oliver Robinson had been a husband for ten years but had, for some reason, not been able to father a child with his … Read more

Poor Boy Hears Dog Barking in Neighbor’s House for Two Days and Decides to Check Inside — Story of the Day

A lonely boy from a poor home becomes an unlikely hero when he decides to find out why his neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking.  Ethan Hough was a 13-year-old boy who was being raised by his impoverished parents. They made sure he was well-fed, but the family lived from hand to mouth for the most … Read more

Dying Rich Man Hears His 5 Children Fighting over His Inheritance – Story of the Day

James got into a huge car accident, fell into a coma, and heard his children fighting over their inheritance instead of grieving their comatose father. He recovered for a short while and decided to change his will, shocking his children. But they learned a big lesson. People say that patients can hear everything when in … Read more

Bride Hears Late Father’s Recorded Voice on Wedding Day Thanks to Her Brothers’ Ingenuity

Kaley West had a wedding dance to remember after her five older brothers took turns to dance with her in substitution for their father, who died in 2015. Get inside the beautiful and emotional moment.  Kaley West had a close bond with her father, David West, and always looked forward to the day he would … Read more

Moving Moment a Baby’s Face Lights up When He Hears His Parents’ Voice for the First Time

A mother captured the heartwarming moment her baby heard her parents for the very first time. Initially, the child sobbed, but his daddy’s sweet voice was enough to calm him down in seconds. Parents love celebrating their children’s milestones, especially in the early years. Seeing your child talk and walk for the first time are some … Read more

Shunned Homeless Man Hears Screams from Burning School and Rushes Inside — Story of the Day

One day, Steve and his dog were walking near the local prep school when they saw a huge commotion. It was a massive fire. Some kids and teachers had evacuated, but Steve didn’t see a particular child in the crowd, so he moved closer to the burning building. That’s when he heard the screams and … Read more

Days after Son’s Death, Grief-Stricken Mother Hears a Boy’s Voice Calling Her in the Backyard — Story of the Day

A woman hears a boy’s voice in her backyard days after her son’s death and is startled to see a small boy dressed in rags standing there. “Hello? Am I talking to Mrs. Caroline Smith?”  “We regret to inform you, ma’am, that your son was killed in a car accident this afternoon. He was crossing … Read more

Girl Who Dreams of Walking Down the Aisle with Dad Believed to Be Dead Hears His Voice – Story of the Day

Brianna Mancini always dreamed of being given away by her father on her wedding day, but he unexpectedly died while visiting his family in Italy. She planned to have her uncle fill his role, but someone else showed up right before the ceremony. Brianna was set to walk down the aisle at her outdoor wedding … Read more

Boy Hears Scrapes in Ear but Doctor Dismisses It, Years Later He Ends up in the Hospital Again

A boy complained of a scraping sound in his ear. Nobody, including his doctor, believed him. Several years later, he met a specialist who disclosed a piece of chilling news to him.  As a nine-year-old, Redditor AurumJo didn’t know that eavesdropping on conversations was a bad idea. So, here’s what he did—he crept beneath a table to listen … Read more

Newborn Disappears in Walmart then Mother Hears Faint Cry, Later Sees Video from Camera

A mother was busy checking baby food products in Walmart. She thought her baby was sleeping in the cart behind her. When she turned to add the products, the cart was missing.  Redditor LetsRead_YouTube was a single mother when she moved to Bradenton, Florida, with her newborn baby. She worked at a daycare center, splitting … Read more

Touching Moment Deaf Baby Hears Her Mother’s Voice for the First Time

A woman decided to share a very intimate moment between her and her baby online. The clip features her deaf baby as she hears her voice for the first time. The child’s emotional reaction touched many hearts.   Posted on TikTok this month, a mother’s encounter with her baby has brought tears to the eyes of … Read more