Anllela Sagra’s Diet and meal Plan in her Fitness Journey

For plenty of men, girls in gym clothes are way hotter than girls in party dresses and Anllela Sagra is one perfect example of this. Anllela Sagra, a barely 25-year old Colombian fitness celebrity who is scorching Instagram with her drop-dead gorgeous face and a perfectly crafted physique. A picture perfect-toned, and muscled body coupled … Read more

Fitness sensation Michelle Lewin’s secrets

Fitness sensation Michelle Lewin’s secret meal and her diet Michelle Lewin has emerged from a modelling person working at a clinic in Venezuela to being a role model in the fitness industry. She continues to inspire millions on social media across the world. Recognised as a Latin American princess in the fitness domain, She has … Read more

Premier Keto diet Review: A shark Tank Product

Ketogenic foods were a great way to reduce weight. All-but carbohydrates force the internal organs to provide more fat to cook. When the body lacks nutrients or sugars, it turns into fat for fuel. But the body’s resources cannot use fat effectively It makes fat a store of energy that it is capable of handling … Read more